Top Super Bowl XVI Commercials

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @KongFu4U

If you’re not watching the Super Bowl for the game, you’re probably watching them for the commercials. With two deserving teams to share the field for Super Bowl XVI, we were expecting some great commercials. And we’ve got them.

Top Super Bowl LVI Commercials

These commercials made a memorable impact through the vast sea of commercials that is the Super Bowl XVI.

3rd Place: Lays

Didn’t want to like it. But I was only kidding myself. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan take a trip down memory lane as best friends do. And the outcome is…HILARIOUS. Mazel, Seth Rogan, and cheers to your Spirit Bride. Although I enjoyed the commercial, I’m still not a Lays fan.

2nd Place: FTX – Larry David “Don’t Miss Out Like Larry”

If you’re a “Curb your Enthusiasm” fan, this commercial is for you. In true Larry David fashion, he’s quick to judge on little information and the results are hilarious… as well as being leaps better than Tom Brady in the (other) FTX commercial. Of course, I’m probably still not using FTX for crypto.  Because honestly, Larry David might be right this time around.

1st Place: Rocket Mortgage – Poor Barbie

Probably the cleverest commercial of the evening, and we didn’t see it coming. Why wouldn’t other dolls be interested in the Barbie’s dream house? Who doesn’t want a place with stunning views and a slide? This commercial shows the savviness of Barbie, using Rocket Mortgage to secure her home, from Better Offer Betty, Cash Offer Carl and House Flipper Skipper.  Good Luck with revamping Grey Skull guys, that place is a mess. House Flipper Skipper has a lot of work ahead of her.

Honorable mentions

These commercials were done in true Super Bowl fashion including big stars and great stories. Although we’ve seen them all before, that doesn’t make them any less entertaining. We wait for a new set every year, and we were excited to see them.

E*Trade: Baby Returns

E*Trade has found some great success with the E*Trade baby. And he’s back and all grown up (sort of) and ready to return to society after living off the grid. We love watching babies talk. It all started with “Look Who’s Talking”, which was a long time ago, but it just never gets old.

BMW – All Electric

Selma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger are a retired Hera and Zeus, living on Earth. Of course, Zeus can’t ever truly retire. Until he meets the BMW all electric. It’s a beautiful car, and all electric is all the rage, but I don’t think BMW needs fancy stars and clever commercials to sell their vehicles. Their vehicles really speak for themselves.

Michelob ULTRA – Bowling Alley

Peyton Manning, Serena Williams with Steve Buscemi — what more can you ask for in a commercial?  It’s an enjoyable commercial with notable and respected athletes and stars. I’m still not drinking Michelob Ultra.  That stuff is crap.