Football Garbage Time NFL Podcast – Senior Bowl, Trades, Super Bowl LV, Prop Bets & MORE!

By Ha Kung Wong, Joey Alibro, Scott King and Adam Aniba

fgt-alt-logo@2x NFL PodcastHa Kung Wong, Joey Alibro and Scott King from Football Garbage Time and Adam Aniba of The Burgundy and Gold Report discuss standouts at the Senior Bowl, who won the Matt Stafford and Jared Goff trade between the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams, things to watch for in Super Bowl LV, predictions, prop bets and MUCH MORE!!!

Come “Waste Time With Us!”™

Want to know why we made these prop bet picks for Super Bowl LV?  Listen to the show!

SB LV Prop Bet Scott Joey Adam Ha Kung
Coin Toss

Heads / Tails

Heads Tails Tails Tails
Most Passing Yards

Mahomes (-155)

Brady (+120)

Brady Mahomes Brady Mahomes
Mahomes to throw first?

TD (-370)

INT (+260)

Brady to throw first?

TD (-320)

INT (+240)

QB to be sacked first?

Mahomes (-125)

Brady (+100)

Mahomes Brady Mahomes Brady
QB to throw a TD first? Mahomes Mahome Brady Mahomes
Most Passing Yards (with a Handicap) Brady +27.5 Mahomes -27.5 Mahomes -27.5 Mahomes -27.5
Chiefs First TD

Passing (-220)

Any Other (+170)

Any Other Any Other Any Other Passing
Buccaneers First TD

Passing (-185)

Any Other (+145)

Any Other – Fournette Passing Any Other Any Other
Total Net Offensive Yards

Over/Under 799.5

Under Over Under Under
Most Kicking Points

Butker (-125)

Succop (+100)

Succop Butker Succop Succop
Total Punts in Game

Over/Under 6.5

Over Under Under Under
Length of the National Anthem

Over/Under 2 Minutes

Over Over Over Over
Will The Weeknd first be seen with sunglasses on his face?

Yes (-140)

No (+100)

Yes No Yes No
Will the Weeknd first be seen with gloves on hands?

–  Yes (-500)

–  No (+300)

Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Weeknd’s final guest on stage

–   Ariana Grande (+175)

–   Drake (+225)

–   Doja Cat (+300)

–   BTS (+400)

–   Kenny G (+500)

Kenny G Doja Cat Doja Cat Ariana Grande
Will “burger” be said by Andy Reid in postgame on-field interview?

–   Yes (+550)

–   No (-1000)

Yes Yes Yes Yes

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