Chiefs Sucked, But These Didn’t: Top 5 Super Bowl LV Commercials

By Ha Kung Wong and Joanne Kong

Sometimes you have a team you’re excited for in the Super Bowl, and sometimes you just want to see good commercials.  And at $5.5 Million for a 30-second spot, they better be good!

Well, if you missed it (or if you saw it but were distracted by all the Super Bowl food and beer you were stuffing down), here’s our favorite commercials from Super Bowl LV!

(1) GM with Will Ferrell and Norway

Typical Will Ferrell, which is to say, SO FUN.  And the teasers all week really worked with Ferrell hating on Norway for no apparent reason.  The addition of Keenan Thompson and Awkwafina were perfect.  Extra special props to Ferrell catching an arrow in his teeth from Awkwafina.  Something we never expected to see, but now that we’ve seen it, we love it.

And of course, Norway isn’t known for controversy, but…

(2) Uber Eats Wayne’s World & Cardi B

Wayne’s World came out in 1992, which is (OMG) 29 years ago.  Cardi B was 0 years old in 1992.  So we weren’t sure this was going to work.  But it really did work, starting with the riff on the Wayne’s World 2 “we will not bow to any sponsor” bit all the way through Cardi B doing the robot dressed as Garth.  Party on, Uber Eats!

(3) DoorDash with Sesame Street and Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs so hot right now, like Hansel (yes, that was an ancient Zoolander reference), and he makes essentially anything awesome, but add him to our old friends at Sesame Street and you have a totally cute commercial that’s just fun.  Who hasn’t wondered what would happen if Cookie Monster got into a cookie shop?

(4) Tide with Jason Alexander

The song, “Believe It Or Not” by Joey Scarbury, or better known as the theme song from that comedy super hero show in the 80’s (yes, we know it was “The Greatest American Hero”) really worked.  The Jason Alexander face sweatshirt that keeps getting more and more disgusted as the commercial goes on and Jason Alexander himself really worked.  And showing us how dirty clothes can get made us want to do laundry, or never wear anything twice again.

(5) Rocket Mortgage with Tracy Morgan

To be honest, we like 30 Rock, so we like Tracy Morgan.  And we also love the use of “pretty sure” throughout and Dave Bautista playing essentially the same role he plays in everything.  Because let’s be honest, every time you saw a car jump an open bridge in a movie, you thought “that’s ridiculous, gravity doesn’t work that way.”  Well, Tracy Jordan finally proved you right.

And of course, Tracy had a SECOND commercial in the second half, this time with ghosts on the ceiling and Joey Bosa flipping cars.  Which is awesome.

Honorable Mention

E-Trade “Best Around”

Listen, everyone loves 80’s film montages, and none are better that the “Karate Kid” to Joe “Bean” Esposito’s “You’re the Best”.  Honestly, they could have just had a montage of grass growing and it still would have worked.  But having the kid working out at home, because, you know, quarantine, and taking control of his fitness (and finances) is pretty cool.  And ultimately, we’re just glad E-Trade didn’t go with talking babies again.

State Farm with Drake & Paul Rudd

Because, well, it’s Drake.  And Drake from State Farm is awesome.  Kinda wondering though if Paul Rudd should have showed up for Super Bowl LV instead of Mahomes…🤔

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