The Tight End Plea — Respect Them!

By Luke Bishop of “Fantasy Fails

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If you’re not taking the tight end position seriously, you’re missing out.

Every year, countless fantasy players do not properly access value to the tight end position.  They tell themselves that some second-year tight end is going to emerge that season and will be sitting there around round 10 for them to steal.

That is a very slippery slope my friends.

Sure, you may get lucky & end up with a Darren Waller… but its far more likely you’ll get stuck with a drastically underperforming David Njoku.

On a week to week basis during the season, it is far easier to play matchups and weekly flyers at the wide receiver position than it is with tight ends & it’s no real secret to explain why… there are simply far more wide receivers that can reliably get points that will be on the waiver wire and at your disposal than there would be reliable tight ends at any point in time.

On the flip side, if you value that tight end high during the draft and can bank on 10+ PPR points from them week in and week out, it’s like playing with house money.  You have a nearly guaranteed winner & everyone else is gambling on their tight ends at terrible odds.

When you’re drafting, think of how much easier it would be to chase 10 points from your WR2 or 3 on the waiver wire than it would be for the TE position.

To further nail the point home with a hot take… there might be only one wide receiver that I would take over the elite tight ends of Travis Kelce & George Kittle (with Zach Ertz close) and that’s Michael Thomas.  If you’re sitting at the end of the 1st round through the beginning/middle of the 2nd round and are faced with Kelce, Kittle and say Davante Adams, do yourself a favor and value that tight end a bit higher, scoop them up and you’ll still be able to land an elite WR & RB, all in the first three rounds.

The consistency of the tier 1 tight ends & the drop off after them makes it a mistake to pass them up.

Respect the tight ends please!