XFL Week 5 – Everything You Don’t Need to Know (Mostly)

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @KongFu4U

In the last week the novel coronavirus, also known as CORVID-19, has taken center stage with 791 cases in the United States, the major outbreaks have been in Washington State, California and New York.  CORVID-19 has effected all aspects of our daily routine and sent stocks plummeting.  And did this stop the XFL, with teams located in all three of the major outbreak states?

Obviously, the answer is no.

Fans still came out to support their teams in grand fashion, so here’s all the stuff you really don’t need to know from week 5 of the XFL:

  • This is your XFL Standings at the end of Week 5

The Houston roughnecks are still undefeated, making them the top team in the league.  In the East, three teams are tied at 3-2 – the DC Defenders, the St. Louis Battlehawks and the NY Guardians.


The DC Defenders have made it a tradition.  No DC game can be complete without a Beer Snake.  Fans were encouraged to drink more beer, and the crowd obliged because they love beer (although one thing they might not like is the environment):

As did the your XFL Commissioner, who contributed a cup to the growing snake:

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end…and even (Beer) Snakes ultimately meet their demise.  And I stand corrected as all the cups apparently made it into those blue recycling bins.  Well played, DC Defenders fans.  Well played.

  • A Change-up with the Bud Light Seltzer Celebration

Bud Light Seltzer maybe for XFL victories, but in week 5 cake made it to the party.  It’s undeniable that cake is a must for every celebration, especially after defeating the Tampa Bay Vipers.  The Los Angeles Wildcats demonstrated just how important cake can be to a celebration with some serious cake on the face of running back, Martez Carter.

Of course the Bud Light Seltzer was not intimidated:

  • The NFL Supports the XFL

Jacoby Brissett (in the stylish grey sweat suit) came to support former teammate, PJ Walker.  Walker lost his bid for starting quarterback to Brissett after former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck (and son of current XFL commissioner who clearly loves beer), decided to retire before the 2019 season.  Walker has been nothing but dynamic for the Houston Roughnecks, leading the team to a 5-0 season and becoming the first 1000-yard passer in the XFL.

  • This Tweet Says it All

An image is forever and this DC Defender fan encapsulated the idea of the XFL in a single image.  No it’s not as literal as “BOOZE”, or “69”.  It’s the love of the game and an opportunity to just having some fun…with some booze.  And hopefully without the 69.

  • This is Terrifying…

Where is the Easter Bunny when you want him? This Houston Roughneck fan apparently came out to support the team… and maybe scare some fans.  Mission accomplished, scary horse head guy.  Mission accomplished.

  • Ratings?

We won’t know how the ratings fared for week 5, but the net total ratings have dropped again from week 3 to week 4 (although, interestingly, the ABC Saturday afternoon game seems to be maintaining it’s popularity).

XFL Week 3 Ratings

XFL Week 4 Ratings

Either way, looks like the XFL is doing way better than the ill-fated AAF just one year ago.

AAF Week 4 Ratings

But compared to the NFL, looks like they have a ways to go:

NFL Week 4 2019 Ratings

Either way, looks like a pretty decent start for the XFL!

Check back in XFL Week 6 for more of everything you don’t need to know (mostly)!

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