XFL Week 3 – Everything You Don’t Need to Know (Mostly)

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @KongFu4U

There are a lot of things going on in the country…the up-coming presidential election, the concern over the coronavirus, and the discontinuation of the Red Velvet Oreo cookie…

Yes, devastating and concerning as all these events are, we simply can’t forget about the matter at hand.  The XFL is in its third week and it doesn’t seem like their popularity is fading.  With fans missing the sport of football while the NFL is on hiatus, the XFL seems to be moving ahead.

So let’s take a look at what happened in Week 3…

  • How Many Times will a Fan Run Across the Field?

This make it 2…and counting.  At least that were caught on video.

In the XFL, the fans are allowed to get up close and personal with the players.  But some people are determined to get EVEN CLOSER and live out their dream of an end zone celebration.  At least this fan was fully dressed.  It might be why he was allowed to do an end zone dance before being escorted by security.  Because lets face it, end zone dances without pants are, if nothing else, disturbing, and probably pretty cold considering it’s February.

  • Back to the Barter System

No money…no problem.  This smart fan came to the game prepared to trade.  A fan exchanged a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints for a Football.  I think she got the better end of the deal…but then again how many of us can eat a football?

And don’t forget, Girl Scout Cookie season can pretty crazy….

  • The First Kick Return For A Touchdown

Whether in the NFL or the XFL, one thing’s for certain, New York football knows how to disappoint its fans.  Not only did the New York Guardians lose for a second week in a row, the Guardians allowed a kick return for a touchdown to the St. Louis Battlehawks (the FIRST EVER in the XFL).  Come on New York!!! Get it together (not to be bias).

  • Out of Uniform

Battlehawks fans were out in force to support their team in St. Louis.  One fan, unfortunately, either didn’t get the memo or was rooting for the New York Guardians.  Or wondering what the XFL was.

Not to worry, the script is in the works…

  • Is there a Dentist in the House?

This Bud Seltzer celebration involved ripping the top of the can with his teeth.  One thing’s for certain, he’s not a hockey player…how do I know?  He has teeth.

That’s one way to celebrate.

  • And…These Guys Happened

Ever loved something so much that you you’d get dressed in costume?

Ever love anything so much you’d do the splits?

Yeah, me neither, but these Seattle Dragon fans want you to know how much they support their Dragons.

  • Week 3 “Star of the Week” is…

And the XFL Week 3 Star of the Week is Joe Powell of the St. Louis Battlehawks for having the first kickoff return for a TD in new XFL history!

Check back in Week 4 of the XFL for more Things You Definitely Don’t Need to Know (Mostly)!

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