Can’t Decide Who Will Win Super Bowl LIV? Let these Super Enthusiastic Animals Help!

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @KongFu4U

Uncertain who to bet on for Super Bowl LIV?

The experts are split.  There’s only a 1-point spread in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs (and this is likely only because the Chiefs are considered the home team).

There are two very deserving teams getting ready for the ultimate prize in football.  And, I’m certain most of us are happy that the New England Patriots are not among them.  Even though our teams couldn’t make it (those of you who aren’t Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers fans), we’re certain to watch the game, place some bets, and enjoy a spectacular end to a spectacular season.

Who do you think is going to win?

One team has the better offense thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, last year’s MVP.  The proclaimed Heinz Ketchup lover was out for three games this season and still managed 4,031 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns.

The other team has the better defense (not to slight their offense…because that would be a mistake).  The 49ers defense allowed the 2nd least total yards (281.8) and second least passing yards (169.2) during the regular season.  The New England Patriots were the only team with better defensive stats.  Passing on the 49ers is a tall order, but it’s been done before.  Just check out week 14 where Drew Brees and the Saints managed to score 48 points with 4 passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown.  The 49ers won that one 48 to 46.

Yeah, it’s a tough call…so there’s only one way to resolve this.  Let’s see who our animal friends selected to win Super Bowl LIV!

  • Ozzy the Grisly Bear – ZooMontana

Ozzy the Grisly Bear has a 6-1 record in predicting Super Bowl outcomes.  His only incorrect prediction was in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks 8-43.  Guess who Ozzy picked?  Yup, but since Ozzy is from Colorado, you can’t blame him for rooting on the home team.  So, who did Ozzy predict will win Super Bowl LIV?

Ozzy selects the San Francisco 49ers.

  • Tracker the Lynx – Hawk Creek Wildlife Center

At 2 years old, Tracker the Eurasian Lynx successfully predicted that the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl LIII.  Now 3-years-old, Tracker is trying for a 2-for-2 record in Super Bowl LIV – the San Francisco 49er vs the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who did Tracker pick to win…


Tracker selects the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Lele the Giant Panda – Memphis Zoo

At the Memphis Zoo, Lele the Giant Panda has had his hand in picking Super Bowl winners for the past five years.  Of course, with a 1-4 record, you might not want to celebrate just yet.  But who’s really going to blame this adorable creature for picking the wrong team?

Lele selects the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • The Otters – Mote Marine Lab Aquarium

For the past twelve years, Mote Marine Lab Aquarium has had their Manatee’s, Hugh and Buffett, predict the Super Bowl winner.  This year, I guess they were a little to “busy” … so instead, they had Pippa, Huck and Jane, the Otters, predict the winners for Super bowl LIV.  Who did they pick?

In a 2-1 vote, the Otters picked the San Francisco 49ers.  Jane, the Otter, was sole selector predicting the Kansas City Chiefs.

  1. Rascal the Seal – The Maritime Aquarium

The Maritime Aquarium has a long tradition of Super Bowl predictions.  This year, two foam shaped helmets, attached to a lei and football, for each team was thrown into the pool.

Rascal the Seal, who has a penchant for the New England Patriots, had to choose between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Rascal selected…

…the San Francisco 49ers to win.

But, fans shouldn’t get to excited.  The Seals have only a 37.5% of accuracy rate out of eight Super Bowl picks.

  • Jack the Shark (Prognosticator) – Miami Zoo SeaAquarium

Jack isn’t a bookie, he’s a shark.  And like many Florida natives, he’s getting hyped for Super Bowl 54 in Miami.  So, what is Jack doing to celebrate…predicting the winner of course…

Jack the Prognosticator selects…the San Francisco 49ers.

Favorite the Psychic Chicken Picks the Super Bowl – Rochester, New Hampshire

Favorite, who’s been attacked by dogs on four separate occasions, has gained “Master Psychic” ability through the trauma.  Of course, Favorite’s psychic ability needs to be enticed with some corn kernels.  Who doesn’t?

Favorite selects…the San Francisco 49ers.

Still can’t decide…Maybe a 8-bit Tecmo Bowl game can predict the winner.

According to this exciting 5-minute Super Bowl simulator, the Kansas City Chiefs win their second 2nd franchise Super Bowl (and first win since Super Bowl IV in 1969) 35-17.  Mahomes rolling up 5 TDs on just 219 yards is pretty crazy, but hey, if anyone knows, it’s got to be an 8-bit video game from 1987 unofficiailly manually updated to current rosters without any objective oversight!

Enjoy the game everyone!

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