5th Annual Football Garbage Time Fantasy Football League Late Season Check In!

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

Well, we’re in the home stretch for the 5th Annual Football Garbage Time Fantasy Football League!  So, it was about time to see how we all felt about our draft now and our post season prospects, plus give you some thoughts on who we’re looking to for the rest of the season.

Interested in following us, or checking out pickups?  No problem, check out our league page on Yahoo!  But for your reference, here’s our current standings before you dive into our thoughts and opinions:

Joanne Kong

Team: Two Cool Dudes
Draft Position: 9th


  • Best Draft Pick

Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens quarterback – 7th round 69th pick overall:

Jackson is ranked 20th in passing yards (2036), 10th in passing touchdowns (15), and has just 5 interceptions.  Not impressed because Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones have similar stats for the season?  Well, neither Jones or Wentz has run for 702 rush yards and 6 rushing touchdowns this season.  The Baltimore Ravens are 7-2, losing to the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and are first in the AFC North.

A threat in the air and on the ground, Jackson has 237.6 fantasy points for the first ten weeks, behind only Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.  I’d say that’s pretty good for a 7th round fantasy football draft pick.

  • Worst Draft Pick

Jared Goff – Las Angeles Rams quarterback – 8th round 72nd pick overall:

Are the 2019 Los Angeles Rams the same team that were 2018 NFC Champions (minus the Super Bowl where they only scored 3-points against the New England Patriots)?  Maybe that Super Bowl was a foreshadowing of the season to come…

Under-performing and disappointing with yo-yo results week-to-week, Jared Goff has more than likely lost the trust of fantasy owners.  15th ranked fantasy quarterback doesn’t sound bad with 32-teams, but with Goff putting up weeks with 1.12-points (week 6) and 5.72-points (week 10), its been frustrating to put him in the line-up.  Goff has a total of 134 fantasy points, incredibly mediocre for the draft round.  The Rams are 5-4 for the season and are starting to look unlikely to make the post-season.

  • Best Waiver Wire Pick-Up

Buffalo Bills Defense:

Defenses can win or lose a fantasy week, as those with the New England Patriots defense can attest to…as well as those that have played a fantasy week against them.  With 168 fantasy points into week 11, the New England Patriots lost their first game in week 9 against the Baltimore Ravens, with their defense getting only 6.12-points.  The Buffalo Bills defense aren’t the Patriots, but they are the 9th best fantasy defense with 69 fantasy points for the season.  With a defense that has a defensive TD, 6-interceptions, 5 forced fumbles and 22 sacks, the Bills are second AFC East (6-3).  Pretty good for a pick up.

  • Player Most Excited About for the Rest of the Season

Josh Jacobs – Oakland Raiders running back – 5th round 49th pick overall:

Rookie running back, Josh Jacobs, has lived up to the hype.  The Oakland Raiders are 2nd in the AFC West with a 5-4 record, behind the Kansas City Chiefs (6-4).  The 11th fantasy running back into week 11, Jacobs has 811 rushing yards and 7 rushing TDs, giving Jacobs a total of 150.3 fantasy points and making him the top rookie running back.

  • Why I Hate My Team

When looking at the talent on the team, it’s not that any one player is terrible, although some truly are.  With players like Julio Jones, Davante Adams and Zack Ertz, it’s not that they don’t preform, it’s that combined they don’t put up the numbers to win.  With weak position players, injuries and tough beats, Two Cool Dudes has seen better days and brighter seasons.

I think I’ll just stare at “baby yoda” instead of my fantasy team for the remainder of the season…Peace There Will Be…

Scott King

Team: FXP
Draft Position: 8th

We’ve way crossed the halfway point in the season and it’s time to reflect on my fantasy team.  Yahoo gave me a C after the draft and early on that looked like a gift.  I started the season 2-4 and started to think I was done for, but we started a turn around and have pulled off three straight wins before last week’s tough loss.

I took Conner with my first pick but felt weak at QB so I flipped him for Rodgers.  That looked ok after the Big Ben injury set the Steelers for a poor season, but Rodgers was off to a slow start and it looked like a bad deal.  Rodgers and that offense finally got moving and that’s looking like the best move I could’ve made.

I targeted JuJu in several leagues and consistently landed him in the second round.  He’s been a disappointment but with the injuries that’s not really on him.

Eckler in the 11th is probably my MVP with Gordon out early and still slow to come on.  I think Eckler’s value has peaked and I’ll likely move him soon.

I think my team has settled in and I should be able to make a run.  We’ll see how it goes.

Ha Kung Wong

Team: Keep Calm & Bear On
Draft Position: 1st


  • Best Pick – Austin Hooper
  • Worst Pick – Kerryon Johnson
  • Best Waiver Wire Pick-Up – DK Metcalf
  • Player Most Excited About for the Rest of the Season – Patrick Mahomes

Taking Austin Hooper in the 11th Round was definitely my best value draft pick.  Unfortunately, I had previously taken Evan Engram, so I didn’t get the benefit of most of Hooper’s early work.  Hooper is now tied for the most receptions (56), most TDs (6), and has the most fantasy points per game in PPR leagues (17.2) of any TE in the league.  He’s far exceeded expectations as the number TE in fantasy.

Kerryon Johnson was the polar opposite, as I took him in the 2nd Round and he proceeded to deep-six my team by continuously not showing up, and finally getting injured and put on IR.

DK Metcalf was my best waiver-wire pickup, as he’s been a top-35 WR play and is tied for the 9th most receiving TDs (5) as the undisputed 2nd option in Seattle.  But with Josh Gordon now there, I have less enthusiasm for his volume going forward.

And I know that Patrick Mahomes is already crazy awesome, but now that he’s healthy again, I can’t wait to watch him continue to light it up.  He’s the most dynamic player we’ve seen in a while, and it’s always an adventure watching him run the offense, particularly considering the fact that the Chiefs defense has been so decidedly mediocre (17th overall).

  • Why I Hate my Team

Well, I drafted 1st overall and managed to get to a 3-7 record after 10 weeks, good for 2nd to last.  Eek.  Yeah, not much to like, and little chance for a post season berth, but hoping to finish strong!

Kris Hopper and Dan Thury

Teams: Kittles & Bits and ThuryBFF
Draft Position: 4th and 7th

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