2019 Week 3 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

If you followed last year, you won over 60% of your picks, and we aim to do even better this year.

And if you’ve been following us, you know that we here at Football Garbage Time have gone head to head against Wally, Will and Ray at Urban Sports Scene on our NFL Picks for the last 4 seasons.  Why?  Because they’re awesome competitors, they KNOW their sports, and, heck, they’re just good guys!  This year we’ll have their picks up right HERE, so keep it tuned in, to both us and them, because we’ll be picking all season all long.

Without further to do, here we go:

Week 3 Games

Ha Kung Wong’s Picks

Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

Last year I ended up with a 66% record for the season, so that’s four years in a row with over a 60% pick rate.  Plus, I had a 94% record on Locks of the Week.  Don’t worry, I don’t plan on stopping now, as I’m still 2 for 2 on Locks!

So let’s see get to that Lock and Upset for Week 3…

Lock of the Week => Dallas Cowboys (-21.5) over Miami Dolphins

Yeah, I could have gone back to the Patriots well, but that seemed cheap versus a Jets team now headed by Luke Falk, who was on the practice squad just one week ago.  Plus if you’re playing in an eliminator league, you probably already took the Pats last week.  I guess I’m still being cheap taking a dominant Cowboys team that has looked every bit as advertised against a completely gutted Dolphins, now throwing it prized off-season QB acquisition, Josh Rosen, directly into a complete s***storm of a mess.  But hey, a win is a win.  Lock it in and move on.

Upset of the Week => Houston Texans (+3.0) over Los Angeles Chargers

Listen, it’s not that I’m hating on the Chargers, it’s just that the Texans are a really explosive team that at some point is going to get rolling.  We saw a little of that in Week 1 against the Saints.  As Hyde and Johnson get acclimated to their role, I just don’t see how Deshaun Watson, Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller don’t continue to dominate.  Philip Rivers looks mortal, and much less productive without Hunter Henry.  I’m definitely feeling the upset here (and I still stand by my pick last week … I mean how was I supposed to know that Drew Brees would get injured?).

Joanne Kong’s Picks

Ryan Whitfield’s Picks

Coming Soon!

Ryan’s Thoughts:

Coming Soon!

Follow me on Twitter – @RyanWhitfieldNE

Scott King’s Picks

Scott’s Thoughts:

Last week went as expected, 10-6.  Tough matchups then some injuries.  This week looks pretty straight forward.  Two games with 20 point lines are insane.  This has to be a record.  Hard to believe in this age of free agency, there is that much discrepancy in the league.  Good luck.

Wally’s Picks

Wally’s Thoughts:

Check out Wally’s thoughts also at the 50 minute mark of the most recent Urban Sports Scene Podcast!

Ray’s Picks

Ray’s Thoughts:

Check out Ray’s thoughts also at the 50 minute mark of the most recent Urban Sports Scene Podcast!

George’s Picks

George’s Thoughts:

Let’s start with Thursday night and I am encouraging you to jump on with #MinshewMania! Forget the Jalen Ramsey controversy, Gardner Minshew came within a few inches of leading a 4th-quarter rally in Houston. And at home Minshew will play well and they will beat Tennessee

The #BrissettBandwagon will start rolling too as the Colts will beat the Falcons (who won inspite of themselves Sunday night). Colts should be 2-0 but if Mack is healthy then their balanced attack and efficiency of Jacoby Brissett will be enough.
Kansas City has to contain Baltimore’s run game to keep the Ravens from dominating the football and keeping the unstoppable Chiefs offense off the field. This will be shootout and KC will win a close one.

Cam Newton’s injury questions and Kyler Murray’s improving performances = Arizona winning their first game against Carolina.

After mocking the Giants for taking Daniel Jones in the top 10 I am doing a complete about face and backing him to win his first start in Tampa Bay. I think Jones’ sparkling preseason form will translate and he will take care of the ball while Jameis Winston won’t.
Houston will follow the Lions script and stuff Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson to beat the Chargers in Carson, Calif.

Yes it was only against the Jets but the Cleveland defense looks like they are supposed to and now Baker Mayfield is starting to find a connection with Odell Beckham Jr. Browns will torch the Rams overrated secondary and win.

Bears will smother the Redskins on Monday night as they march towards 0-5. Buckle up Skins fans if you think you’ve hit the bottom, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Matt’s Picks

Week 2 Results

Current Standings

Check back next week for our Week 3 results and Week 4 picks!

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