FGT 2019 Fantasy Football Mock Draft – Rounds 3 & 4

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

As we do every year, we conducted a live Mock Fantasy Football Draft on Twitter (just check out #FGTMockDraft) for a mock PPR standard scoring Yahoo 10-team league (1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K & 1 DEF with standard scoring) so that all of you can get some insight as to who we like for the upcoming 2019 season, and hopefully help all of you with your drafts.

This year, ten different writers & podcasters from five different sites participated, including:

Each one took part and conducted the mock draft live over several days on Twitter (feel free to check out the back and forth on Twitter by searching for #FGTMockDraft).  A few trends became clear and we certainly had more than a few surprises.

Last time we discussed Rounds 1 and 2, and this time we’ll be discussing Rounds 3 and 4.  We also include the Average Draft Position (ADP) as of August 17th as per Fantasy Pros so you can see how we differ from how they’re currently being drafted in PPR leagues.

If you want to the see the complete four round draft results, check it out HERE.

Don’t agree?  Well, it’s a free country, so sound off in the comments!

– Ha Kung Wong, Editor-In-Chief

Scott King

3rd Round – Pick 21 – Keenan Allen (WR) [Current ADP: 24.0]

4th Round – Pick 40 – Aaron Jones (RB) [Current ADP: 33.0]

This is what Scott had to say about his picks:

After grabbing a top RB and QB in the first two rounds, I went with Allen at WR on the turn as he looked better than the rest of the WR available at that time.  Finally, I took Aaron Jones as my second RB at the end of the fourth round as I like his upside in a high scoring offense.

Joey Alibro

3rd Round – Pick 22 – Adam Thielen (WR) [Current ADP: 26.0]

4th Round – Pick 39 – Baker Mayfield (QB) [Current ADP: 58.0]

Adam Thielen (Getty Images)

Ha Kung Wong

3rd Round – Pick 23 – T.Y. Hilton (WR) [Current ADP: 31.0]

4th Round – Pick 38 – George Kittle (TE) [Current ADP: 30.0]

T.Y. Hilton – Getty Images

This is what Ha Kung had to say of his picks:

Am I nervous about Andrew Luck?  Sure I am.  But I don’t think this is a long term issue, and TY Hilton is one of the top WRs in the NFL.  In 5 seasons with Andrew Luck after their respective rookie season in 2012, Hilton has always topped 1,000 yards and averaged 6 TDs per season.  And in his last two seasons with Luck, he had a whopping 1,448 and 1,270 receiving yards.  Even in the a lost 2017 season without Luck, Hilton still had 966 yards and 4 TDs.  He has a decent floor even if Luck has to sit out a few games, so I have no problems taking him as my WR1 after loading up at RB with Kamara and Bell.

George Kittle Stats
Game Game Rece Rece Rece Rece
Year G GS Tgt Rec Yds TD
2017 15 7 63 43 515 2
2018* 16 16 136 88 1377 5
Care 31 23 199 131 1892 7

As for George Kittle, I just couldn’t pass up the value.  I generally want one of the top 3 TEs, since there’s a pretty steep drop off after they’re off the board, but don’t want to spend one of my first 3 picks on one.  So Kittle, who to me is a better upside bet than Ertz, is a great value at Pick 38.  He’ll give my a team a significant advantage vs. most other teams week in and week out due to this year’s weak TE class.  In 2018, Kittle had the most receiving yards of any TE and had the 8th most receiving yards of ANY PLAYER in the NFL.  That’s right, only 7 WRs had more receiving yards than Kittle.  He only had 5 TDs, but with Jimmy Garoppolo coming back, I like his odds on building on this number.  If Kittle were off the board, I’d probably take a WR here and consider taking Vance McDonald around pick 80 to 90.  But thankfully that wasn’t the case.

Andrew Erickson

3rd Round – Pick 24 – Nick Chubb (RB) [Current ADP: 20.0]

4th Round – Pick 37 – Chris Godwin (WR) [Current ADP: 45.0]

This is what Andrew had to say about his picks:

For Nick Chubb at 3.4, again I am buying the Brown offense. Chubb is going to see so many touches without Duke Johnson and he will get so many chances to score in this offense. He is a top-5 RB in 2019 in an offense that is on the uptick.  All day.

For Chris Godwin at 4.7, I’m buying the hype. Godwin is going to be the big slot in the Arians’ offense which projects to be extremely prolific.  He is already more efficient per touch than Mike Evans.  I’ll take the WR2 on a top-5 passing offense any day.

Joanne Kong

3rd Round – Pick 25 – Dalvin Cook (RB) [Current ADP: 18.0]

4th Round – Pick 36 – Robert Woods (WR) [Current ADP: 41.0]

Dalvin Cook (Getty Images)

This is what Joanne had to say about her picks:


The third round pick didn’t come easy.  With a top fantasy wide receiver and tight end on my roster, it only made sense to select a running back.  Why Dalvin Cook?  Good question.  Cook is entering his third year of the NFL, and has played a combined 13 games.  Health concerns are always a lingering concern, but if Cook remains healthy in the upcoming season, he will be the go-to back for the improving Minnesota Vikings, and has the tools to be one of the top rated running backs this season.


In a PPR league, targets and catches can make a difference.

Robert Woods ranked 10th in fantasy points in 2018, had 86 receptions (tied 17th), 1,219 receiving yards (13th) and 6 TDs (tied 22nd).  With competition from Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp, Woods doesn’t offer the upside of top-tier WR1, but as a steady, consistent wide receiver, Woods should get the job done with a reliable floor.

Dan Thury

3rd Round – Pick 26 – Marlon Mack (RB) [Current ADP: 36.0]

4th Round – Pick 35 – Stefon Diggs (WR) [Current ADP: 35.0]

Marlon Mack (USA Today)

This is what Dan had to say about his picks:

I get Mack all the time in my mock drafts, so nothing new there.  I feel like I’m higher than most on him, though seeing Dalvin Cook go one pick before mine stung a little bit.  I rounded my drafted off with Stefon Diggs, a bit of a upside WR pick given his track record on missing games, but as my WR2 on my roster, I felt ok taking that risk.

Post RD5 on, I would likely continue to build my WR/RB depth.  Maybe target OJ Howard/Evan Engram if I felt they were of value, RD7 or 8.  Again, I would wait on QB.

Overall, I like my start through the first 4 rounds.

Mike Wallace

3rd Round – Pick 27 –  Amari Cooper (WR) [Current ADP: 32.0]

4th Round – Pick 34 – Sony Michel (RB) [Current ADP: 48.0]

Amari Cooper

This is what Mike had to say about his picks:

3.07 Amari Cooper, WR Dallas

Once he was traded to Dallas Cooper was a top 12 WR the rest of the season. I am excited for what he can do with a full season in Dallas. This pick gives my team 2 WRs with potential to finish as a WR1 in fantasy for 2019. Cooper does have a boom or bust history for fantasy purposes, but pairing him with a consistent WR like Adams makes that easier on a fantasy owner.

4.04 Sony Michel, RB New England

Admittedly I am higher on Michel than most people in the fantasy community. When I look at what he did in the playoffs and how he was used I can easily see him being among the league leaders in rushing TDs. The reports out of camp have Michel as the clear top RB, even though the Patriots drafted another rookie this year I am not worried. The reports about Sony being used more in the pass game are an added bonus. The playoffs show the Patriots want to be able to run the ball and protect Brady. The only concern with Michel for me is potential injury.

Wally Akinso

3rd Round – Pick 28 – Leonard Fournette (RB) [Current ADP: 28.0]

4th Round – Pick 33 – Zach Ertz (TE) [Current ADP: 25.0]

Leonard Fournette

Victor Rogers

3rd Round – Pick 29 – Derrick Henry (RB) [Current ADP: 38.0]

4th Round – Pick 32 – Brandin Cooks (WR) [Current ADP: 40.0]

Derrick Henry – USA Today

This is what Victor had to say about his picks:

As with my RB-WR duo in the first two rounds, the objective in a standard league is to rack up TD producers with early round picks. Who better than the Crimson Tide rolling Heisman human boulder himself, Derrick Henry? I like his chance to keep his momentum from late last season into this year. To end my draft I went with a WR (Cooks) who has potential to score from anywhere on the field frequently and often. I can sleep easy starting my draft off with 4 solid TD contributors.

Ryan Whitfield

3rd Round – Pick 30 – Devonta Freeman (RB) [Current ADP: 34.0]

4th Round – Pick 31 – Kerryon Johnson (RB) [Current ADP: 27.0]

Devonta Freeman

This is what Ryan had to say about his picks:

I was hoping I could grab Devonta Freeman and Marlon Mack at the 3-4 turn, but Freeman and Kerryon Johnson is an acceptable consolation prize. Freeman is a guy who I believe has tremendous value in 2019, and Johnson has break out potential.

Overall, I walked away with two bonafide WR1’s and two backs with low-end RB1 potential. I love what I was able to get here and do prefer this draft spot in redraft formats.

Thanks for following #FGTMockDraft and check back for our analysis of our actual Fantasy Football league draft coming soon!

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