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Followers of Walter Football have probably already checked out Walt’s June picks for NFL power rankings. But if not, there’s a lot there to unpack.

His current pick for number one are the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles remain in the position that he ranked them at earlier this year for the pre-season, in large part because the Eagles added two new defensive players, Michael Bennett and Haloti Ngata, that Walt believes will make a significant impact on the team’s defense for 2018.  That, in addition to the fact that the Eagles offense has essentially remained the same, including the return of Carson Wentz, who’s started practicing in 11-on-11 drills.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Miami Dolphins were ranked dead last at number 32. Walt views the 2018 Dolphins so far as the worst in the league, likely due to uninspiring options at QB and questions surrounding Kenyan Drake’s ability to be an every down back. The NFL power rankings on Walter Football for position 2 went to the New Orleans Saints, a team that Walt sees as a possible Super Bowl contender. It will be interesting to follow this team’s ranking over the next few months. is all about football, and the writers hold nothing back about their opinions on draft choices, trades, and just about everything else. Dave provides opinions and shares picks, while both Walt and Dave provide frequently updated reports on NFL power rankings along with fan feedback.  It’s always interesting to see how the teams are perceived by their fans and by the experts and how those opinions match up.

In third place for Walt’s power rankings are the New England Patriots.  Part of this is due to the hype stemming from signing rookie running back Sony Michel.  The Houston Texans come in number 4, and Walt sees good things happening for the team this season.  He’s happy with the addition of two new players to the team, namely Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu and Aaron Colvin.  Also, for the team will have three of its injured players returning to the field, including standout quarterback, Deshaun Watson.  Walt ranks the Carolina Panthers in 5th place in the power rankings.  He also expects this team to be strong contenders and playoff hopefuls.

Avid football fans will definitely want to set up an account on as the site features podcasts that are chock full of up to the minute NFL news and trivia. There’s also a forum for readers to join in with other readers to speak their minds.  The site also goes back over the years of past power rankings, and it’s always an interesting exercise to see just how close and accurate the rankings have been in the past.  Readers can get inside information on the fantasy football as well.

The website is the place to follow football news in pre-season, in season, and in post season action. In addition to the team rankings, the game picks, and the forum, there are a host of other intriguing NFL topics. Readers can click on the hot presses section for even more goings on. A recent article reported about scouts as they head to colleges and universities across the country. They look for the top collegiate football talent out there in search for elite draft targets. This year scouts reportedly have a large number of good prospects under consideration, although whether they will be considered elite remains to be seen.

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