10 Reasons Why I Don’t Hate Philadelphia

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

I get accused a lot of being biased towards the Patriots, especially from my co-host Ha Kung. But, it’s just not true. I’m just the only one not afraid to call it how I see it and be consistent in that belief. Here’s a list of teams I hate in the NFL: Ravens, Jets, Bills, Dolphins. That’s it and that’s because one of them is full of really bad people and the other three are full of a bunch never won anything mouth runners.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.

When it comes to the Super Bowls I’ve run an array of emotions. In the more recent years, Atlanta is a two-bit sports town, the Seahawks would’ve never stopped talking down to us, the Giants are my waking nightmare and the first three were just hated because I was 14.  But as an adult, I don’t have hatred in my heart for Philadelphia. I do not want them to win, but if they do, I’ll be happy for them. Here’s ten reasons why.

10.  Boy Meets World was the best non-cartoon kids show. Corey Matthews deserves this.

9.  I’m a bit of a history nerd, in general and in sports. From the old Broad street Bullies to the founding of our nation, Philly’s a great city.

8.  I don’t hate Pittsburgh because they can never get past the Patriots. But it is a hokey honkey city. I’d love to see Philly rub this in their cross state rivals faces. 

7.  Northern teams who play outside of domes always get more of my respect. So check mark.

6.  The angry Eagles fan from YouTube who’s name I cannot use, won’t die of cardiac failure on Sunday.

5.  Their success makes Giants fans mad.

4.  Cheesesteaks.

3.  Philly is a real sports town with real sports fans. I know they can be violent, but I respect the passion.

2.  Man I loved Brian Dawkins as a kid.

1.  And the number one reason to not hate Philly and be okay if they win on Sunday. The best TV show of all time!

But still, go Pats.


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