2017 Week 12 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

If you followed last year, you won over 60% of your picks, and we aim to do even better this year.

Without further to do, here are our picks:

Week 12 Games

Ha Kung Wong’s Picks

Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

Last year I ended up with a 62% record for the season, so that’s two years in a row with over a 60% pick rate.  Had solid Week 11 bringing me up to 97-63 overall, which is a 60.6% pick rate, so we’re rounding back into form!

Last week’s Lock of the Week didn’t turn out, since the Giants somehow managed to beat the Chiefs in overtime 12-9 (which I still can’t believe), but the Upset of the Week was dead on as the Bengals handled the Broncos.

Here are my picks this week, again, just for you folks in survivor pools, or looking to make a bet on that elusive money line!

Lock of the WeekNew England Patriots over the Miami Dolphins

Moneyline: Patriots (-2000) / Dolphins (+1000)

Upset of the WeekDallas Cowboys over the Los Angeles Chargers

Moneyline: Cowboys (+110) / Chargers (-130)

The Pats are on a ridiculous roll, and I don’t see what is likely to be a Matt Moore led offense being able to keep up, even is the Pats defense reverts to it’s bend-and-break ways from earlier in the season.  And the line between the Chargers and Cowboys is most likely due to recency bias as the Cowboys looked horrible against the Eagles in Week 11.  I don’t expect that to happen again.

Also, just because we love competition here at Football Garbage Time, we’re once again going heads up against Wally, Will and Ray at Urban Sports Scene on our NFL Picks.

They’re awesome competitors, and they KNOW their sports, so keep it tuned in, to both us and them, because we’ll be picking all season all long.

Joanne Kong’s Picks

Ryan Whitfield’s Picks


Scott King’s Picks

Scott King’s Thoughts:

This weeks episode of “Picks That I Hate” is coming off a .500 showing last week.

  • I hate taking the Lions at home against the Vikings.  Anytime I take the Lions it stresses me out because they start slow and have to claw back the entire game.  The Vikings really impressed me last week and I think they have something special going on this year.  I went with The Lions because they’re home and it’s Thanksgiving.
  • I hate taking the Cowboys at home against the Chargers.  The Cowboys are struggling but this one is at home and it’s their Thanksgiving showdown.
  • I hate taking the Colts at home against the Titans.  Neither of these teams are great but I’ve been less than impressed by the Titans this year and the Colts seem scrappy.
  • Finally, I hate taking the Cardinals at home against the Jaguars.  The Jags are rolling with an elite defense, but they have no quarterback play.  The Cards are an injury mess but they aren’t giving up.  I’m going to roll with the Cards at home and counting on a typical Bortles game.

Week 11 NFL Pick Results

Current 2017 Standings

Check back next week for our Week 12 results and Week 13 picks!

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