12 Men on The Field

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By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1. Guess Who’s Back.

You know, Ha Kung laughed at me in our fantasy draft for taking Cam Newton. How’s that pick looking now? Cam is back.

2. But, you know what isn’t funny?

Sexism and hypocrisy. First of all, the last few weeks have been extremely busy so I’m a week behind. But Cam’s comments last week to Jourdan Rodrigue were appalling. I have been a vocal advocate for the NFL protests the last two years. But when one of the guys who is vocally speaking to the need for equal rights comes out and degrades and mocks someone based on their gender…that’s a bad look. Shame on you, Cam.

3. The Rams are for real.

We’ve seen this team as a mirage before, but that is not the case this season. They’ve always had the defense, but Goff and Gurley are for real, and they finally have legit WR options.

4. Break in the Levy.

Despite having an AC joint sprain in his non-throwing shoulder, Tom Brady assures us he will be there Sunday. And given that aside from the 2008 season (Torn ACL), Brady has never missed a start, it’s hard to doubt him. But the real concern here is that the 40 year old is being hit at an alarming rate.

5. Houston we have a Problem.

While the AFC South is still up for grabs, and Deshaun Watson appears to be a special player, it’s hard to buy into Houston. The loss of Whitney Mercilus and JJ Watt, and the still hot and cold running game, makes for a team asking a tremendous amount from their rookie Quarterback.

6. Now you’re a “Bad Man”, I think

For years I’ve heard people refer to Aaron Rodgers as a “Bad Man”. And to those people I’ve said, I don’t care how bad the coaching and defense have been at times, if you are a top 3 Quarterback, then you put your team on your back, which Rodgers hasn’t done enough for my liking. So far in 2017 though, Aaron is doing just that.

7. Fantasy Alert.

Alvin Kamara. He is owned in 79% of Yahoo leagues and is only started in 50%. He’s a double digit point guy a week, and the Adrian Peterson trade only helps this.

8. Kings of New York.

The New York Jets are 3-2 and the New York Giants have fallen to 0-5 and have lost Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall for the season. So who’s the real winner here? It’s the Giants! The Jets can’t even lose correctly. This is the year to tank and grab Darnold, Allen, Jackson etc. Eli is washed up, and the Giants will be sitting pretty next April, not the Jets.

9. The Truth.

Finally enough of you are seeing the light on Jay Cutler. So many of you are incapable of using your eyes. You fall in love with things like a big arm, and stats, and highlights. Cutler is and has always been a bum. Just like you will all see the the light on Carmelo Anthony in OKC this year, you’re seeing it with Cutler in South Beach.

10. Power Rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Green Bay Packers

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Denver Broncos

5. Carolina Panthers


This may be one of the only times I say Thank God It’s Thursday Night Football. The 4-1 Eagles at the 4-1 Panthers is the game of the week. Not even the rain and the sloppiness of TNF can ruin that for me.

12. No New Policies.

On Wednesday, Goodell said there are no changes to the Anthem Policies at this time. While I applaud him for this, I don’t think he has much of choice currently. Keep walking the tight rope.



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