Banner Number 5

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

As I sit here reflecting on the past 17 years, it truly is unfathomable. 15 trips to the Playoffs, 11 Conference Championship appearances, 7 trips to the Super Bowl, and 5 titles. It will never happen again. And the crazy thing about it, it’s not over. At the end of the “Do Your Job Part II” Documentary that aired last week, Belichick gave the final quote and it should terrify you. Paraphrasing, he ends on, and we’re still in it, we’re still chasing the next one. I choked up.

It’s not supposed to happen like this. And man have they run the gamut. The Upset in 2001, the repeat in 2003-2004, the excruciating defeat in 2007, the ten year Title drought, and then the 10 point comeback and iconic interception only to be outdone by the 25 point comeback that followed. And yes, they even endured two cheating scandals. What a run.

As we head into this season in mere moments, I make a promise I know I will break. I will enjoy and appreciate what we have. I will soak in whatever moments we have left of this dynasty. While I believe Garappolo is the man of the future and will extend this dynasty, you still never know. I know I will punch my football, and scream in anger at Tom on the first bad play tonight, being the passionate hot head I am. But I vow to attempt to just appreciate what they have done and continue to do. Because I know what all of you non Patriots fans out there know. This will never happen again, to anyone, so you will never know this joy. Suck on that.

Banner 5 baby.

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