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By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1st Down

Julian Edelman goes down with a torn ACL, and this one hurts. Aside from the fact that you can book him for 100 reception/1,000 yard pace when he’s on the field, he is the heart and soul of the Patriots.

Watch the mic’d up moments from the last two Super Bowls. It’s Edelman telling everyone that he loves them, he’s the one motivating in the huddle, and he’s the tone setter with the physicality of his play. In the moments that Welker failed, Edelman has been brilliant. Patriots are still the favorite, but they are now closer to the pack.

2nd Down

Between Edelman, Meredith, and Ware….something has to be done. I hate offering up a problem with out a proposed solution, but I’m a hypocrite. I don’t have the answer. But the past few years it feels like more and more guys are going on the IR before September, and that’s a problem. Imagine if we hadn’t avoided the OBJ scare and had to add him to this list.

3rd Down

This week’s Fantasy Sleeper. Doug Martin is carrying an ADP of 58 right now. 58! Conversely, Elliot is still going at #11 on average. Doug Martin will put up slightly less production than Elliot, but he’ll miss half the amount of the time (appeal pending) and you can take him as your RB2 (I was even able to grab him as my RB3 in two different leagues). Draft Doug Martin! Do not reach for Elliot who will only play 6 Fantasy games for you this year.

4th Down

My College Football Spotlight this week –

DE Dorance Armstrong Jr. – Kansas

6-4 / 241 LBS

He tallied 56 tackles, 20 TFL and 10 sacks in 2016. He’s currently projected for a 1st or 2nd Round draft slot according to He’s explosive, strong and disciplined with his pass rush. He shows an ability to set the edge, hold his assignment and sniff out the ball. He pops on tape, and has playmaking ability, with three forced fumbles last season.

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