The 2017 Football Garbage Time Staff Mock NFL Draft

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

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We all know that the 2017 NFL Draft is right around the corner, beginning on April 27th.  And we all know that the choices that each NFL team makes that night will be a significant part in whether they end up with the Lombardi Trophy and the 32nd pick in a future draft, or if they end up with the first overall pick in 2018 and looking to rebuild.

Seeing as how important these decisions are, we here at Football Garbage Time got together for our 3rd Annual Mock NFL Draft!  Six different writers (Scott King, John Kirkland, Joanne Kong, Bobby Pierson, Ryan Whitfield, Jake Smith and Ha Kung Wong) took part as GMs of several teams in the draft, and conducted the mock draft live over three days on Twitter (feel free to check out the back and forth on Twitter by searching for #FGTMockDraft).

Missed it?  Don’t want to check Twitter?  Well, you’re in luck, because we have the results of that mock draft below along with the reasoning for each pick by each writer.

1. Cleveland Bowns

Ha Kung – Myles Garrett – DE

  • Clearly, the Browns had a bad year, on both offense and defense, so they basically need to reboot almost every position.  But you can’t win games if you can’t contain opposing QBs and, last year, the Browns were tied for the second least total sacks (26), the second least forced fumbles (7) and allowed the second most yards to opposing offenses per game (392.4) in the NFL.  What they need is an impact player who can single handedly put on a pass rush.  And that player is Myles Garrett.  Garrett was laden with accolades in college (consensus Freshman All-American and second-team All-SEC, finalist for the Lombardi and Hendricks Awards as the nation’s top defender as a sophomore tying for second in the FBS with 12.5 sacks and five forced fumbles, and first-team All-American and All-SEC as a junior while starting in just nine games due to a knee injury).  He’s an elite edge rusher who can disrupt just about every snap.  Garrett is arguably the most athletic prospect in the draft and will surely go number one over all.  Besides, if the Browns don’t draft Garrett first overall, he’s already promised that he’s going to be their worst nightmare for the next 10-12 years.  And the Browns definitely don’t want that.

2. San Francisco 49ers 

Jake – Jonathan Allen – DE

  • Johnathan Allen has dominated the defensive line for Alabama for the last two seasons. Allen’s 21.5 sacks the last two years has cemented him as one of premier defensive play stoppers coming out of college. Even though the majority of other mock drafts have Solomon Thomas of Stanford over Allen due to Allen’s mediocre Combine performance, Johnathan Allen will join the other slew of Alabama graduates (Dont’a Hightower, Landon Collins) as a defensive Pro Bowler.

3. Chicago Bears 

Ha Kung – Solomon Thomas – DE

  • The Bears are another team looking to rebuild, but they’re already taking their chances with Mike Glennon on offense, so I think they’ll look to shore up the defense in the first round of the draft.  And the best available is Solomon Thomas.  He has the right combination of strength (30 bench reps for 4th best among DEs at the Combine) and speed (6.95 sec 3 cone drill – 4th best among DEs – and 4.28 sec 20 yard shuttle – 3rd best among DEs) and good versatility/size to fit in a 4-3 or 3-4 defensive scheme.  He gives the Bears a fearsome weapon on defense and flexibility on where they want to slot him in.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Scott – Leonard Fournette – RB

  • The Jags have a lot of needs, but it looks like they are going to go with the shiny toy and take Fournette at RB. The RB position has been devalued over the years and I think they could go in a number of directions to fill needs.

5. Tennessee Titans

Joanne – Marshon Lattimore – CB

  • The Tennessee Titans have steadily been building a team to dominate the AFC South in hopes to be Super Bowl bound.  For those of you that just scoffed at the previous statement, think about this.  The Titans went from a 3-13 season in 2015 to 9-7 in 2016, 2nd in the AFC South.  Their rush defense was the 2nd best in the league in 2016, allowing only 88.3 yards per game.  Marcus Mariota had a passer rating of 95.6, 10th best in the league.  Running back, DeMarco Murray, had the third most rushing yards, 1287, in the league in 2016.  Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad.  The Titans had the 3rd worse pass defense in 2016, allowing 269.2 passing yards per game.  Marshon Lattimore is a work in progress, entering the draft as a sophomore.  He’ll need some maturing of his on-field skills.  But with quickness, limber motion, quick recovery and good hands, Lattimore shows the athleticism and ability to add the explosiveness the Titans secondary needs.

New York Jets6. New York Jets

Jake – Jamal Adams – S

  • Jamal Adams is a natural born leader. His Combine 40-yard dash came out to a respectable 4.56, but when he ran a 4.33 at LSU’s pro day, he started turning heads. I was surprised to find him available at Pick #6 because I feel like both the Bears and the Titans could use a leader like Adams, but the Jets will gladly continue to build their young defense. As a Jets fan, I will still pray that Fournette falls to #6, but will be 100% happy with the selection of Jamal Adams.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

John – Cam Robinson – OT

  • And the LA Chargers choose with the 7th pick, Cam Robinson from the Alabama Crimson Tide!  While the Chargers have many needs, we cannot forget about their star running back in Melvin Gordon.  While I thought Gordon was overhyped last year (‘cause he had virtually no support), new head coach, Anthony Lynn, has a chance with this pick to create some room for Gordon to RUN!  And run the Chargers will — run the ball … A LOT.  With Robinson, they get a quality offensive tackle whose bread and butter is run blocking.  This add will complement center, Matt Slauson and left guard, Orlando Franklin nicely.  Don’t mess this up LA, Chargers.

8. Carolina Panthers

Ryan – Kevin King – CB

  • The Panthers were burnt repeatedly in the secondary last year, so an upgrade at CB is of primary importance.  King will do a great job sliding in and addressing that need.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Bobby – Reuben Foster – LB

  • The Bengals really need to build their defense, starting at linebacker.  Foster is that linebacker.

10. Buffalo Bills

John – Mike Williams – WR

  • The Buffalo Bills fired Rex Ryan last year (why they hired him is anyone’s guess).  But this year, coach Sean McDermott has a tough choice, though it is 100% going to be an offensive pick.  Coach could go and replace Tyrod Taylor with Quarterback with Deshaun Watson, but I honestly like Tyrod and think a wiser choice would be to draft a complement/replacement to Sammy Watkins.  I mean let’s face it.  Sammy has had foot issues for at least two years now.  Even at full health, you have to wonder how much Sammy has left in the tank, making a draft at the Wide Receiver position at #10, the smart play for the Bills.  That leaves us with Buffalo taking either Corey Davis or Mike Williams, the two top receivers of this year’s class.  I went with Mike Williams because, well, he was on the Clemson Tigers.  Not only does that help with a winning mentality that Buffalo desperately needs, but he has better ball skills and will be able to use his larger frame to box out opponents and snag balls.

11. New Orleans Saints

Ryan – Taco Charlton – DE

  • At 6’6 and 273 lbs, Taco Charlton is fast, strong, athletic and has great size. He can be used inside or outside or at linebacker. He’s the kind of guy you can build a defense around. You need defense and balance to win, this move may help New Orleans finally find that balance again before Drew Brees retires.

2015_Browns_helmet12. Cleveland Browns

Ha Kung – Mitchell Trubisky – QB

  • I’ve already discussed what I liked about Trubisky in an article earlier this offseason.  And I’ve also discussed what I didn’t like.  But the Browns are in a tough place regarding their QB position, both from a historic perspective and on the field for 2017.  From the historic side, the Browns have drafted 6 QBs since 2005 in the first three rounds of the draft, and not one of them lasted.  Sure, Cody Kessler is still there, but he’s been nothing special with only 6 TDs in 9 games during his rookie season, averaging just over 150 yards per game.  Coach Hue Jackson has said that he wants his QB to be at least 6′ 2″, and all three of the top QB draft prospects, Turbisky, Watson and Kizer, meet that requirement, while Kessler doesn’t.  As I’ve mentioned before, there’s lots of risk with Trubisky only starting 13 games in college, but the Browns don’t need to start him right away.  Plus, this will be their second 1st round pick, giving them a little more flexibility to take risks.  They appear to like what they’ve seen so far from Trubisky and I’d expect them to pick him up and give him some time to learn in 2017 with an eye towards giving him a shot to start in 2018.  Best case scenario is that they finally find their franchise QB.  Worst case scenario is they blow one of their many hoarded draft picks, which is actually just par for the course anyway.

13. Arizona Cardinals

Jake – Marlon Humphrey – DE

  • Yeah, you caught me. I buy the hype in all Alabama defensive players. However, Humphrey deserves all the hype. His dad is Bobby Humphrey, Tuscaloosa Legend. He was All-SEC Freshman two seasons ago, and now he is ready to take the NFL by storm. The matchup in Arizona is perfect, too. Not only will he get a chance to immediately start in the NFL, since Arizona needs help at the corner position, but he will get to play alongside one of the NFL’s best, Patrick Peterson. If Humphrey can keep his aggressive attitude on the field, this pick will work out beautifully for Arizona.

14. Philadelphia Eagles

Bobby – Gareon Conley – CB

  • The offense is in great shape to make a huge impact this year, at least at the QB and receiver positions.  A line upgrade would be nice to give Wentz more time to deliver, but I see the biggest needs in the secondary.  Safety position may be fine for now, but the wings could use support.  Hence, I think the Eagles may target a top CB, and Conley is the best available here.

15. Indianapolis Colts

Joanne – Haason Reddick – OLB

  • With the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, sacked 41 times in 2016, the best draft selection for the team would have been an offensive tackle. However, when you also have a team that was ranked 30th overall in defense, you select the best available player.  The addition of Reddick on the defensive line will hopefully give the Colts defense the power they need off the line.  As a senior at defensive end, with 22.5 tackles and 10.5 sacks, Reddick has the ability to bring some quickness and pressure the Colts defense needs.

16. Baltimore Ravens

Ryan – Corey Davis – WR

  • If you know me then you know I don’t like one route running, small/fast, diva receivers {looks generally in John Ross’s direction}. I like Davis’ size (6’3″ & 209 lbs.), his ability to work through the route tree and that he his deceptively fast (yes there is a difference).  He’s versatile, and can bring something that the Ravens desperately need at the WR position….Talent.


17. Washington Redskins

Bobby – Malik Hooker – S

  • Seeing the Eagles’ pass offense twice a season may give the Redskins reasons to beef up their secondary.  CB’s may be fine for now, but a stronger safety may help slow down the Eagles’ air campaign, as well as others in the NFC East.

18. Tennessee Titans

Joanne – O.J. Howard – TE

  • Besides the problem with the Tennessee Titans secondary, the team is in need of a receiving core.  There is something to be said when your best receiver is your tight-end, not that there is anything wrong with that.  With that being said, why not bring in another explosive tight-end play-maker with an imposing 6’ 6” frame and 251 pounds, O.J. Howard.  While Howard needs some polishing in the position, he’s shown athleticism, explosive breakaway speed and enough raw skill to be a difference maker in the NFL.  Besides, if a two tight-end set can work for the New England Patriots, why not try it in Tennessee?

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Scott – Jabrill Peppers – S

  •  Defense is the story in round one, the top three picks were defensive ends and the run on defense went on from there.  In a time when offense is putting up huge numbers, teams are trying to strengthen their defenses to cope.  The Bucs are a young team heading in the right direction. They need help on defense and take the most versatile player in the draft in Jabrill Peppers. Maybe he plays safety or a rover of some type.

20. Denver Broncos

Joanne – Garrett Bolles – OT

  • With the 4th overall defense in 2016, the Denver Broncos will be looking to beef-up their offensive line this draft season to match their defense.  With quickness, lateral agility and balance, Bolles should be a good addition to the Broncos offensive line.  Although, he’ll need some seasoning, Bolles shows all the athleticism and competitive nature to become an vital addition to the Broncos offensive line.  Next step, a franchise worthy quarterback.

21. Detroit Lions

Scott – Derrick Barnett – DE

  • The Lions need to strengthen their defense and run game. If Abdullah ever stays healthy we’ll be able to see what he can do. Let’s hope he’s not Javid Best. So with the hope the run game sorts itself out, the Lions go DE to address their other need and take best available in Barnett.

22. Miami Dolphins

John – Forrest Lamp – G 

  • It is no secret that this year’s draft class is mostly a defensive dream.  And we all know defense wins championships.  But, at pick 22 my first choice, Taco Charltan (love that name) was taken by the Saints.  So I had to make another move … and one that has been predicted by Dolphin lovers everywhere.  And so I went with Forrest Lamp (another great name) at Guard.  I mean, Tannehill needs all the support he can get and Jay Ajayi is the engine that runs the offense.  So why not stoke the fire.  Am I right?  Defense-shmefense.

23. New York Giants

John – Ryan Ramczyk – DT

  • Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to draft a tight end.  I mean really, I did.  I thought it would be exciting and provide yet another offensive weapon to Eli. The last TE drafted by the Giants was Jeremy Shockey at No. 14.  And he was exciting to watch … for a while.  Anyway, I just couldn’t bring myself to draft David Njoku.  Instead, I went with a safer choice in Ryan Ramczyk.  Because the Giants need to give Eli time and they need a run game.  Right now the Giant’s run game is a joke.  But I think Ramczyk has just the right sauce to make the Giants successful in 2017.  Especially with the addition of Brand’o (Marshall).  Go GIANTS!

24. Oakland Raiders

Joanne – Malik McDowell – DT

  • Or should I say the Las Vegas Raiders… There’s no arguing that the Raiders offense brought this team to the postseason, allowing only 16 sacks of quarterback Derek Carr, but to bring this team to the next level, the club house needs to focus on defense.  Although the Raiders defense did steadily improve throughout last season, they finished as the 7th worse defense in the league.  Need I say more?  With the body type, long arms and his ability to move inside the gap and power off the line, the 6’ 5” 285 pound defensive end, Malik McDowell, might be just what the Raiders need to create some disruption off the line.

25. Houston Texans

Joanne – Deshaun Watson – QB

  • This is an obvious draft selection with Brock Osweiler cut from the Houston Texans, and Tom Savage currently locked-and-loaded in the chamber.  Without someone to lead the offense, the Texans will need this defensive driven team to carry the them…again.  Unfortunately, the Houston Texans hasn’t had the best luck with the quarterback position.  What the Texans are looking for is an NFL bound miracle quarterback, and only time will tell whether Watson will be the answer.  But with a quick release, a limber frame and awareness on the field, Watson should be a good prospect for the Texans to mature in a potential franchise quarterback.

26. Seattle Seahawks

Ryan – Dalvin Cook – RB

  • I’m so tired of the Fournette and McCaffrey talk. If you don’t think Dalvin Cook  (5’10” & 210 lbs.) is the best back in this year’s draft than you’re an idiot. He has the best speed, vision, cuts and, oh yeah, he caught 33 balls last year. He is a better version of the guy who proceeded him at FSU, Devonta Freeman, who’s pretty good in case you didn’t know. Fournette is a one note player and McCaffrey will be good, not great. I broke my own rule here going with an RB in round 1 but it only makes sense given our draft. All the elite Linemen (Seattle’s biggest need) were gone and the rest will still be available in the second round when they pick again. Running the ball is important to this team and he’s a threat to catch out of the backfield. This would also change for me if the Hawks deal Sherman before draft night. But Cook at 26 would be the steal of the draft.

27. Kansas City Chiefs

Joanne – David Njoku – TE

  • What the Kansas City Chiefs really need is a wide receiving core.  With no wide receivers available to draft in the 27th pick, what they get is a talented move tight-end.  The Chiefs tight-end, Travis Kelce, found success in 2016 with 1,125 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.  An addition of a second tight-end can open up options in play-calling if done right.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Ha Kung – Tre’Davious White – CB

  • How does “Tre Island” sound?  White is one of the best cover corners in the FBS and had 14 pass breakups last season, good for 8th best in the country.  He’s quick and can run one-on-one with just about everyone, including current NFL super star Amari Cooper back in 2014 while facing him in college.  He has four years of starting experience at LSU and was awarded the number 18 jersey for his individual and team-oriented achievement on the field.  He can cover outside or over the middle on crossing routes, and as a bonus, he’s also a talented kick returner.  There are concerns regarding his ability to tackle off the line, but used correctly, he could be a steal this late in the draft, and significantly elevate the Cowboys pass defense against pass-happy teams in the NFC East.

29. Green Bay Packers

Ha Kung – T.J. Watt – LB

  • He went to Wisconsin, is a standout defensive player with terrific intangibles and he’s only one letter off his famous pro bowl big brother.  Who better to add in Green Bay?  In 2016, Watt was a second-team AP All-American and garnered first-team All-Big Ten honors with 63 tackles, 15.5 for loss and 11.5 sacks.  And would you believe that was just his first full year at LB?  Just like his brothers, he’s relentless on the field and absolutely solid on fundamentals.  He’s an automatic upgrade on run defense and will muscle his way in to disrupt passes as well, which will help Green Bay significantly as they allowed the 10th most yards per game (363.9) in the NFL last year.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Jake – John Ross – WR

  • Are you kidding me? If John Ross falls to pick #30 on draft day, Steelers execs should be drooling at the idea of picking up this human-cheetah. He earned First Team All-Pac 12 honors in 2016 after tearing his ACL the season before. He was in the top 5 voting for the Heisman for a while due to his intense destruction of cornerbacks this season. His 17 touchdowns on the season was tied for second in all of NCAA, and his 4.22 40-Yard dash time can add testament to that. If the Steelers could end up with Antonio Brown and John Ross starting for their offense this season, expect this offense to just explode scoreboards all around the country this season.

31. Atlanta Falcons

Scott – Charles Harris – DE

  • The Falcons blew the Super Bowl to Tom Terrific.  Their need to build defense remains and they bolster it by taking Harris.

32. New Orleans Saints

Ryan – Adoree Jackson – CB

  • I do not like shorter corners. But Malcolm Butler proved there can be exceptions. And Adoree Jackson (5′ 10″ & 186 lbs.) can be an exception. Considering you have Delvin Breaux on the other side, you can match the two up according to size and you can play man. A defense with these two and Charlton will help the Saints defense begin to build a good young nucleus. He’s quick and can bring electric plays to the special teams return game.

Disagree with any of the picks?  Think any of the picks were particularly insightful?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

And check back frequently for more content from Football Garbage Time!  Thanks for reading!

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