Best Daily Fantasy Football Plays for Cash Games – Week 6

By Ha Kung Wong  Daily Fantasy Football

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I hope you followed my advice in past weeks for your cash games, because if you did, you won money.  But now I’m back to help you out in Week 6 of the 2016 NFL season!

Daily Fantasy Football

Cash Games, for those who don’t know, are essentially the lowest risk games.  They include “50/50” games, in which half the entrants win about 1.8x the entry fee, and “Double Ups”, in which slightly less than half the entrants win 2x the entry fee.

Since there’s so many different sites, and I can’t cover them all, I’ve decided to cover just the most popular sites, including Fan Duel, Draft Kings and Yahoo! Daily Fantasy.

First of all, as a general rule for 50/50 Cash Games, there’s a basic target of points per salary cap spent that you’d like to look for:

  • For Fan Duel try to target at least 2 fantasy points per $1000 spent.
  • For Draft Kings, try to target at least 2.5 fantasy points per $1000 spent.
  • For Yahoo! Daily Fantasy, try to target at least 0.6-0.7 fantasy points per $1 spent.

Remember, this article is not focused on GPP (Tournament) Games, JUST Cash Games.  Feel free to use a few of these suggested players as a base when constructing a GPP lineup, but you’ll have to take some chances on a few low cost, upside players as well.

So, without further to do, here are my suggestions for the Best Daily Fantasy Football Plays for Cash Games for Week 6 contests, along with they’re prices on Fan Duel (“FD”), Draft Kings (“DK”) and Yahoo! Daily Fantasy (“Y!”).


There’s plenty of QBs to pick from, but I don’t tend to take too many chances at QB for cash games because they’re so important for anchoring your team’s performance, so I’ll give you two “safe” choices, then two that are more of a gamble if you’d prefer to take chances on QB and spend money at the other positions.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady vs. CIN (FD: $9000 / DK: $7700 / Y!: $39)

  • Cincinnati has allowed the 6th most passing TDs in the league this season and are bottom 10 in terms of passer rating allowed to opposing QBs.  Plus, and this is important, Tom Brady is really good.  He returned from his suspension in Week 5 to hang 406 yards and 3 TDs on the poor Browns.  Maybe Brady hates Ohio, in which case, he might go bonkers against the Bengals as well.  This game also has the 3rd highest over/under of the week at 47.  At the end of the day, did you really need any analysis on this one?  If you can afford him, add him to your lineup.

Russell Wilson vs. ATL (FD: $8400 / DK: $6900 / Y!: $40)

  • The Falcons have allowed the most passing TDs (14) and allow the 5th highest completion percentage to opposing QBs (68.7) in the league this season.  And Russell Wilson has had two weeks to prepare for this game coming off a bye.  Wilson isn’t running much anymore, but he did manage 309 yards and 3 TDs against the Jets in Week 4 before the bye, and his completion percentage is as high as ever at 65.4%.  He’s a great pivot for those who don’t want to pay up for Brady.

Marcus Mariota vs. CLE (FD: $7600 / DK: $6100 / Y!: $28)

  • Marcus Mariota is no Tom Brady, but as you can tell, the Browns defense isn’t good.  They’re bottom 10 in terms of passing yards allowed per game and passer rating allowed to opposing QBs, plus they’ve allowed the second most passing TDs this season (13).  They also have the 5th worst Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) against the pass according to Football Outsiders, meaning they have the 4th worst defensive efficiency against the past in the league.  Like I said, Mariota is no Brady, but he did put up 4 total TDs against Miami in Week 5 and is poised for a terrific matchup in Week 6.

Brock Osweiler vs. IND (FD: $6900 / DK: $5400 / Y!: $24)

  • Let’s face it, Brock Osweiler is terrible, and so far wasn’t worth the money for the Texans.  But nothing solves a terrible season than facing the Indianapolis Colts defense.  The Colts secondary have been a revolving door at cornerback, and they’ve been middle of the road at best.  According to Football Outsiders, Colts have the 3rd worst DVOA against the pass this season.  They also allow the 3rd highest passer rating to opposing QBs (104.9), the 4th most passing yards per game (301) and are tied for the 3rd least number of sacks (7) in the league this season.  Plus, they allow an average of 29.6 points per game to opposing offenses, good for second worst in the NFL.  Osweiler isn’t good, but DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller are, and this matchup is incredibly favorable.  So, for once, feel free to use Osweiler if you want to save money for other positions.
  • UPDATE: With Fuller unlikely to suit up, Osweiler becomes slightly less interesting.  However, I would now add DeAndre Hopkins to the list of potential WRs to target this week in DFS, just based on how many targets I now anticipate he will see.

Running Back

As usual, RB is a position where I want some “guaranteed” volume.  And by that, I mean we need 10+ touches to even be considered.  So here are my thoughts.

Le'Veon Bell

Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon Bell @ MIA (FD: $9300 / DK: $7900 / Y!: $38)

  • The Dolphins defense has allowed the most rush yards per game (150.8) in the NFL this year.  Since he’s returned from his suspension, Le’Veon Bell has been on fire.  He’s averaging a whopping 166 total yards per game and is heavily involved in the pass game, meaning extra points on receptions in DFS.  If you got the cap space, lock him in.

LeSean McCoy vs. SF (FD: $8200 / DK: $6900 / Y!: $35)

  • The 49ers are bottom 10 in the league in DVOA against the run according to Football Outsiders, and have allowed 146.8 rush yards per game this year, the second most in the NFL.  LeSean McCoy has never had less than 19 touches in a game.  Since Sammy Watkins has been out, McCoy hasn’t totaled less than 100 yards.  He’s the clear focus of the Bills offense and will continue being the focus this week.

Todd Gurley @ DET (FD: $7900 / DK: $6700 / Y!: $28)

  • Todd Gurley has not been the dominant RB that he was last season.  But what he lacks in efficiency he makes up for in volume. Gurley has had at least 24 touches in the last three games, and has become more involved in the passing game over the last two weeks.  The Lions actually might help fix Gurley’s efficiency issues as they allow the second most yards per attempt (4.9) to opposing RBs.  They also have 5th worst DVOA against the run in the NFL according to Football Outsiders.  For the price, you’re good to go with Gurley this week.

Frank Gore @ HOU (FD: $6300 / DK: $5200 / Y!: $24)

  • Houston has a top 5 pass defense, but a bottom 5 run defense, allowing the second most rushing TDs (7) this season.  Plus, as much as we think Gore may be over-the-hill, he keeps on chugging and has never had less than 16 touches in a game this season.  Andrew Luck will find it challenging to go downfield, and the Colts need to win, so I can see Gore getting more than his fair share this week.

Wide Receivers

Remember, in DFS, you not only want yards, you want receptions, though its more valuable in Draft Kings, which is a full PPR, than FanDuel, which is a half PPR.  So with that in mind, here’s my thoughts for WR plays.

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown vs. NYJ (FD: $9700 / DK: $10000 / Y!: $41)

  • Antonio Brown is expensive on all sites, but he’s simply money in the back.  He’s had total targets of 11, 11, 18 and 5 over the first four weeks of the season, and he only saw 5 in Week 4 because the Steelers were so far ahead.  Not to worry, though, because he caught 4 of those 5 targets for 64 yards and 2 TDs.  The Jets allow the seventh most receiving yards per game (304.8) to opposing receivers, and you can bet Brown will see a chunk of that this week.

Allen Robinson @ CHI (FD: $8600 / DK: $7800 / Y!: $32)

  • He’s been averaging over 10 targets per game this season and has 3 TDs in the last two games.  The Jaguars haven’t been great on offense and will have to take to the air early and often.  And the Bears have the 6th worst DVOA against #1 WRs.  Lock him in.

Brandin Cooks vs. CAR (FD: $7500 / DK: $7600 / Y!: $28)

  • No matter what you may think, the Panthers are no longer the elite defense you remember from last season.  They’re decidedly subpar and couldn’t even contain the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 5.  And they’re particular bad against #1 WRs, having the 7th worst DVOA against them according to Football Outsiders.  Cooks hasn’t been great recently, but with Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart returning for the Panthers, the Saints will have to go to the air often to stay competitive.  In fact, this game has the highest over/under of any game this week at 53.5.  I think Cooks gets back on the horse this week.

Jeremy Maclin @ OAK (FD: $6900 / DK: $6300 / Y!: $28)

  • The Raiders have the worst pass defense in the NFL, allowing a league worst 338 receiving yards per game.  Alex Smith is not a reliable QB, but he loves Jeremy Maclin, who he’s targeting an average of 9.25 times per game.  Maclin is a a great value at the price.

Sammie Coates @ MIA (FD: $6400 / DK: $4700 / Y!: $17)

  • See Antonio Brown above.  And if you don’t want to pay for Brown, consider using Sammie Coates.  He’s had 19 targets over the last two games and put up a ridiculous 139 yards and 2 TDs in Week 5.  He has a finger injury, so keep an eye on that, but I suspect he plays.
  • UPDATE: Sammie Coates may not play this week, so keep a close on eye on that before using Coates.  If he doesn’t play, Eli Rogers would be intriguing as a punt play.


Cameron Meredith vs. JAC (FD: $5400 / DK: $4100 / Y!: $14)

  • Cameron Meredith appeared essentially out of nowhere next week to take the place of an injured Kevin White opposite Alshon Jeffery.  And he drew a healthy 12 targets for 130 yards and a TD.  With Brian Hoyer saying he won’t force the ball to Jeffery, and with the Jaguars having the 6th worst about DVOA against #2 WRs in the NFL, Meredith makes for excellent value in your cash lineups.

Tight Ends

Greg Olsen - USA Today Sports Photo

Greg Olsen – USA Today Sports Photo

Greg Olsen @ NO (FD: $8100 / DK: $7000 / Y!: $28)

  • Greg Olsen has the most targets (53), receptions (33) and yards (516) of any TE in the NFL this year.  The Saints have a terrible pass defense, but honestly, who cares.  Don’t get cute.  Olsen is a beast.

Rob Gronkowski vs. CIN (FD: $8400 / DK: $6700 / Y!: $25)

  • Now that Brady is back, so is Gronk, as he put up 109 yards on 5 receptions in Week 5.  Cincinnati is middle of the road against opposing TEs, but this isn’t just any TE.  This is Gronk.  The only danger is that Martellus Bennett may steal all the TDs again.

Jimmy Graham vs. ATL (FD: $6900 / DK: $4900 / Y!: $22)

  • And you know who else is back?  Jimmy Graham, that’s who.  He’s had consecutive 100+ yards games and with 17 total targets in that span.  And now he faces the Falcons defense that is bottom 10 in receiving yards allowed and bottom 10 in DVOA against TEs.  Go ahead an fire him up.


Buffalo Bills vs. SF (FD: $4800 / DK $3700 / Y!: $16)

  • The 49ers are starting Colin Kaepernick for the first time since last year.  Sure Blaine Gabbert hasn’t been good, but did they forget why they benched Kaepernick to begin with?  The Buffalo defense has allowed the 5th least amount of points per game and had the 2nd most takeaways (12) in the NFL this year.  And this game has the second lowest over/under of the week at 44.  Buffalo’s defense is for real.  The 49ers offense is not.  Slot them in.

New England Patriots vs. CIN (FD: $4700 / DK $3200 / Y!: $16)

  • Cincinnati looked horrendous last week against Dallas, allowing 4 sacks and only mustering 14 points.  Now they face the New England Patriots defense that has allowed 4th least points per game this year (14.8) and totaled 8 takeaways.  I think the Bengals will have to air it out against the Patriots to stay competitive, meaning more opportunities for more takeaways for the Pats.

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