Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

What a great day it is. It was an overcast, cool day here in Boston, but the leaves are changing colors and the aroma of a new NFL season is in the air. As the season has returned so has my weekly addition of Four Down Territory. So let’s get kicked off….sorry for that one.

1st Down

My courageous conjecture for 2016 – Both the Raiders and Jaguars will win their respective divisions this year. Their young offenses have been growing the past few years, both made major additions on the defensive side of the ball and I love the Chris Ivory signing. Both end the year with double digit wins and both are hosting post season games.

2nd Down

Obviously, if you know me, you know my attention will be on Arizona Sunday night and on Jimmy Garoppolo’s first NFL start. Normally, I am no proponent of the run game. But, in a hostel environment on the road I expect the Patriots to try and play a tough defensive game with a heavy dose of Blount, White, Foster and the Play Action looks off of it. I have the Patriots going 3-1 in Brady’s absence, but it’s hard to feel good about a road game in Arizona, in Primetime for Garoppolo’s first start.

Full disclosure, I’m writing 3rd and 4th down while watching tonight’s opener.

3rd Down

The Bronco’s are in trouble with Siemian at the Helm. The defense is still a top defense, the running game is better than ever. But he is the guy who will make turnovers that kill drives, kill games and kill your season.

4th Down

How did people forget about Kelvin Benjamin? I took him in three drafts and in all three got him in the 5th Round or lower. Just a mammoth of a man, and an absolute steal as my WR3. Great to see a guy return from a bad injury to this form though. The trio of Benjamin, Olsen and Funchess will be scary this year.

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