Cowboys Quarterback Blues: Which QB should the Dallas Cowboys Draft?

By Ricky Castro (manager of @trueselective)

Twitter: @statsavage

In this year’s draft, the Dallas Cowboys have the 4th overall pick. Their starting quarterback, Tony Romo, is still trying to recover from a broken collarbone. As of 4 days ago it’s been reported that he will miss 6-8 weeks after this procedure is complete. Jerry Jones stated that he believes Romo still has “4-5 years left”. Yeah right! You might as well try to convince me that Peyton Manning offers locker room doctors “bags of tea” to drink.

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I don’t believe that Tony Romo has 4-5 years left. I believe that he has a year, maybe two at the most. The proof is in two stats: TD’s – 5 and INT’s – 7. This was through four games that he played last year. This has been the second year in a row that Romo has not played an entire season and it seems as if his injuries have worsened as he gets older. I am a huge Tony Romo fan but I’d love to see Jerry Jones finally pull the trigger and get a quarterback for the future.

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Since I’m a cool and hip guy, I have created a list of the top 3 quarterbacks that the Cowboys should consider. This list is assuming that Cleveland (who has the 2nd overall pick) will draft Carson Wentz. Wentz is touted as the best quarterback in this draft and his numbers (by my calculations) prove it. One last thing, let’s keep in mind that my list will go against what the “experts” will say. I will explain that later but its mostly because I can scout better than you.

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The Dallas Cowboys should have this list as their top 3 QB’s:

Brandon Doughty

  • At Western Kentucky he completed 72 percent of his passes for 5,055 yards with 48 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Doughty completed 68 percent of his passes in 2014 for 4,830 yards with 49 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. What I am impressed about him is that he kept up his production and even improved his passing percentage given that he had more passing attempts than any other quarterback in college.

Connor Cook

  • Forget the stats. This guy won the 2015 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. It means that he was the most outstanding Senior Quarterback in the country. Going on history, he is in pretty good company. The names (Marcus Mariota and AJ McCarron) whom won it the years before him are in pretty decent shape in the NFL. I believe its very telling.

Dak Prescott

  • He completed 66 percent of his passes in 2015 for 3,793 yards with 29 touchdowns and five interceptions. On the ground, he totaled 588 yards with 10 scores. He is like Tim Tebow but with a better arm. Actually, his leadership skills and his reputation of getting the attention of a locker room are a lot like Tim Tebow. The Cowboys could sure use a lot of that leadership. Especially since Jerry Jones likes to sign plenty of players with lots of “personality” (or, as law enforcement calls it, “rap sheets”).

Okay, so now here are my disclaimers: The reason why I did not go with Jared Goff is because of the amount of passes he threw this past season. It was far too many. He threw 500+ times so, of course, his numbers are going to be inflated. He threw more times this past season than in 2014. Doughty might have thrown more passes than Goff in 2015, but he was more efficient.  In fact, Doughty’s efficiency improved from year to year.

The method I use to choose a QB to draft may be out of the ordinary, but it has not failed me yet. To me, efficient production is the key to everything. I’d rather take a player whom is more efficient with lower total numbers, than a player whom is less efficient with higher total numbers. I’m sure Jerry or Stephen Jones will read this article and take note. They might even hire me one day. Hey, a guy can hope!