Win Some, Will Some: Who Will Win Super Bowl 50?

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @kongfu4u 

Deciding to put a friendly wager on Super Bowl 50, but can’t decide who’s going to win? Or maybe, you just want a team to cheer for, but can’t decide whether to support the state of Carolina or Denver, or a Panther or Bronco, the eastern standard time or central mountain time?

Or this guy:

Can Newton in Versace

Can Newton in Versace – Boston Globe Photo

Cam Newton has gotten wide media coverage for arriving in Mineta San Jose International Airport wearing black and gold Versace pants. During Media Day, Newton explained that he wanted to fit the black and gold theme for Super Bowl 50, and found these in his closet.  Let’s just be thankful that Cam Newton didn’t wear the entire outfit as Versace had intended:

Versace Outfit Photo

Or maybe you can’t decide if you want this guy to win:

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning – USA Today Photo

Peyton Manning sported a blue suit and orange tie, representing the Denver Broncos colors.

I know…decision…decisions.

Maybe the experts make it too complicated with defense and offensive stats, injuries and fake reports (oops, the Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl, so I guess most of the injuries and reports are real), or maybe you’re just not really not into all that.

Well, maybe I can help.

How about relying on a video game to make the decision for you?

Super Bowl 50 was simulated on the Madden NFL 2016 video game and has predicted that the Carolina Panthers will win 24-20 against the Denver Broncos.  Don’t believe it?  Well, the Madden NFL 2015 Super Bowl XLIX simulation game predicted the winning team, final score, MVP (Tom Brady) and 335 yards and four touchdowns – just seven yards off the actual outcome.

But perhaps you’re thinking “Madden who”?

If that’s the case, maybe the options below can help you decide which team to cheer for on Super Bowl 50 Sunday:

1) Tecmo Bowl

Madden NFL is not the only video game that can predict the outcome of Super Bowl 50.  Maybe you’re totally old school and don’t trust these “new fangled video games”.  Well then, you can check out Tecmo Bowl’s contribution.  Like Madden, this 1987 football video game is predicting the Carolina Panthers to win 17-7 over the Denver Broncos.

2) Nationwide

Don’t like relying on video game predictions?  How about listening to an insurance company?

The nation’s first and largest provider of pet insurance has searched over a half a million insured pet names to predict who will win Super Bowl 50. The outcome…drumroll please…

Pet Names

According to popular names…looks like the Denver Broncos should win by a hair.

3) Teddy Bear the Porcupine

As I discussed last year, animals can be an important source for football prognostication.

It takes some serious deliberation, but maybe this porcupine knows something the experts don’t…like how delicious corn is.

4) Red-Foot Tortoises 


These five baby red-foot tortoises from Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas were asked to choose who’d they think would win Super Bowl 50.

Red-foot tortoises are native to Central and South America and are known to be naturally curious creatures who love food treats. Sound like anyone you know? It sounds pretty much like every person I know. I digress…back to Super Bowl 50.

Spoiler Alert: the tortoises chose the Carolina Panthers (3-2) to win.

5) Donald Trump

So maybe you’re not the type of person to listen to animals. How about a candidate for the next President of the United States, star and creator of the Apprentice (and Celebrity Apprentice) and the man that coined the phrase ‘You’re Fired.”  Yup, I’m talking about the one and only…the Donald.

During his interview on CBS “Face the Nation” on January 31, 2016, lightening the political mood, Trump was asked who he thought would win Super Bowl 50. This was his response,

“Well, your Carolina team is sort of a hot team. And the quarterback is doing great. I very much have always liked Peyton Manning. He is a very good guy. I know him. And he is a very, very good guy. So, I have to go with the person I know and I like. I like the other team. I think the other team looks fantastic. Probably, they would be favored by something. But I will stick with Peyton, because he is a very good guy.”

So, Trump obviously recognized the skill and ability of the Carolina Panthers, but like many people, he’s picking a player to support for the win.  Lucky for Trump that being a “very good guy” is important to winning a Super Bowl.  Just look at Tom Brady…oh…wait a second…

6) Steph Curry

Not into politics? Not a problem. Are you a fan of the NBA?

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors has made it clear who he believes will win Super Bowl 50.

If you follow Steph Curry on Twitter, he makes no “if ands or buts” regarding what team he supports.

Still can’t decide?  I mentioned last year that celebrities can also be a good source for Super Bowl predictions.  So maybe you can take a look at who these celebrities and athletes picked to win Super Bowl 50.


In all honestly, it’s difficult to predict a winner because sometimes the best team doesn’t always win. If they did, betting wouldn’t be as much fun since the outcome would be pretty straight forward.  But in sports, as in life, there are injuries, human error and unpredictability.

The Carolina Panthers have truly been the best team in the NFL this season, finishing 17-1.  But remember Super Bowl XLII (2008), the New York Giants vs. the undefeated New England Patriots.  The Patriots were so confident, that they had tee-shirts printed that said 19-0.  In the end, the Giants won Super Bowl XLII 17-14.

Of course, now these unique shirts can only be found in some third world country donated to the Red Cross.

And, if we were to place all the players on the table, the Denver Broncos didn’t get this far on their adorable bronco looks. The Denver Broncos had the top defense in the entire league.  And when Peyton Manning couldn’t take the field, back-up Brock Osweiler filled in.

There’s no doubt that both teams, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, are at Super Bowl 50, not just due to their skill on the field, but for their ability to play as a team with one common goal.

Winning the Super Bowl.

And making sure you made the wrong choice with your Super Bowl pick.

Good Luck, everyone!

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