Super Bowl Opening Night – What did we learn about the Denver Broncos?

By Joanne Kong & Ha Kung Wong

As we did last year with Super Bowl Media Day, we’re here to give you all the highlights from the first ever Super Bowl Opening Night, first for the AFC Champion Denver Broncos!
  • Von Miller is not good at following directions, since he walked right off the stage after his introduction.
  • Every 5th Broncos player owns a Go Pro as we saw after the team was introduced.  There were more cameras pointed at the audience than there were at the players.

Peyton Manning

  • Peyton refused to confirm if the Super Bowl would be his last game.
  • Peyton has a hard time identifying bridges.  Actually, he just didn’t realize they introduced all the players on a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Peyton thinks Cam Newton is “awesome”.
  • Peyton will “celebrate” if he runs in a TD.
  • He thinks crawfish shorts are pretty cool.
  • With regard to the HGH allegation, Peyton responded that it’s “not true”, it’s “junk” and they’ll find a “big fat nothing.”

Von Miller

  • Von Miller looks good in glasses.
  • Von Miller was wearing jewelry that was worth more than most people make throughout their entire lives.
  • He thinks he can beat “Superman”.

Aqib Talib

  • “Whoever win the game, they have the best defense.”
  • Talib was scared about being around people in his neighborhood.  Being at Opening Night is all fun and games, which he learned from watching TV.
  • Talib was wearing an $80K Rolex.

Gary Kubiak

  • Coach Kubiak may not be allowed into the stadium for the Super Bowl since his pass says “No Stadium Access”.  We don’t know what he did to the person responsible for handing out passes, be he clearly is on that person’s crap list.

Emmanuel Sanders

  • Was “damaged” because he didn’t have podium the first time he was there with the Steelers
  • He was just happy to have a podium.

Demaryius Thomas

  • Someone gave him a a picture of him as a little kid from his grandmas house, which he kept.

Brock Osweiler

  • He didn’t get a podium.
  • He doesn’t think much.
  • He played “Cam Newton” on the scout team.

Ronnie Hillman

  • He’s just thankful to be there.
  • He apparently has embarrassing stories about Anderson, but refused to tell us.

CJ Anderson

  • The one thing he admires about Hillman is his speed.

DeMarcus Ware

  • Ware believes that sacking Cam Newton should count as 2 sacks since he’s so hard to take down.
  • Ware thinks of Von Miller as a brother from another mother.
  • Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals asked via Twitter what car Ware and Kuechly would be if they could be any car:
    • Ware said he would be a 1965 Buick Riviera with a LS 7 Corvette transmission, with some air bags that lower down when people get out of the car.
    • Luke Kuechly said he would be an old school Chevrolet Chevelle.

And Rich Eisen isn’t willing to shave the rest of hair off.  Even though Deion Sanders pointed out that he’s basically already bald.

So yeah. Entertaining, but not very informative.

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