“Sorry, no take backs. No erasies.” (Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Draft Edition)

By Ricky Castro (manager of @trueselective)

Twitter: @statsavage

For the last fifteen years there have been nine NFL teams that have been crowned champions. The New England Patroits (4), Baltimore Ravens (2), Pittsburgh Steelers (2), New York Giants (2), and the Seahawks, Broncos, Buccaneers, Colts, and Saints have a SuperBowl ring each. Its no secret why most of these teams are in the playoffs year after year. The secret is that it’s a conspiracy! Yes, the NFL wanted to show the AFC some Super Bowl love. No, that’s not it. Lets calm down and not call Mulder and Scully to solve this X-File case.

Mulder and Scully still investigating ‘Deflate Gate’. (photo courtesy of geeksandsundry.com)

Mulder and Scully still investigating ‘Deflate Gate’. (photo courtesy of geeksandsundry.com)

The secret sauce is drafting the best player available and knowing how to evaluate talent. This is something the Dallas Cowboys have not done very well in what seems like eternity. Since I’m a really nice guy I’ll layout the best wide receivers that the Cowboys should look into this upcoming draft. Jerry Jones will certainly appreciate it and be thankful.

“I appreciate and am thankful for your money” (photo courtesy of panicbutton.sportsblog.com)

“I appreciate and am thankful for your money” (photo courtesy of panicbutton.sportsblog.com)

When drafting any player its all about production. In the NFL, every player can run, jump, catch, and throw; but will he be productive? I believe that there is a common factor in college statistics that carries over into the NFL. Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown were drafted in the second and sixth round respectively. How is that if these two guys are fantasy studs?! Its all about looking at production.

Let’s start off with a prima donna position, the wide receivers. Here are my top three wide receivers that the Cowboys should look at:

Roger Lewis – Bowling Green University
Roger Lewis - Getty Images

Roger Lewis – Getty Images

In his final year, he gained 1,500+ yards in 85 catches with 16 TD’s. He has great hands! An example is shown here.

One thing the Dallas Cowboys need is more players with maturity. In his last year of high school, Lewis faced serious allegations that has since put him on the straight and narrow.

Corey Coleman – Baylor University
Corey Coleman - USA Today Sports Photo

Corey Coleman – USA Today Sports Photo

I can’t think of production and not mention Baylor’s Corey Coleman. Last year in only 12 games he gained 1,300+ yards with 20 TDs and it only took him 74 catches to do so. This kid is one of the “can’t miss” players. If you ever meet him don’t ask him war questions.

Will Fuller – Notre Dame
Will Fuller - NDinsider.com Photo

Will Fuller – NDinsider.com Photo

If you ever can catch up to Notre Dame’s Will Fuller, the last year of his college resume is impressive. Fuller gained more than 1200 yards on only 62 catches with 14 TDs.

The Dallas Cowboys have the fourth pick of the NFL draft. All three teams that are picking before the Cowboys could realistically pick wide receivers on their respective teams. I think a problem that the Cowboys could have is trying to figure out which pick holds its value the best. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks for wide receiver. Any receiver that could hold his own alongside Dez Bryant, but that can beat out Terrance Williams, would be dynamite.


In the life of the NFL, top draft picks are nothing to waste. The domino effect of a bad draft pick can set you back years. You can’t take those back, and you can’t get a do over. History proves that the teams of longevity all draft very well. As long as Jerry Jones is General Manager anything is possible. That’s why everybody watches ‘Americas Team’. Next time, I’ll let you in on whom is going to be the next Emmit Smith. Kidding. I’ll do you one better and will list my top 3 Running Back in the 2016 draft instead.

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