Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1st Down

Who’s your Quarterback?

No really, who is your quarterback? Blaine Gabbert? Sam Bradford? EJ Manuel? The NFL is in the midst of QB crisis. The young QB’s in the game are a scary class. The disconnect between the NFL and College games have left a void that will be felt once Brady, Manning, Brees and Roethlisberger are gone.

2nd Down

Who Dey?

Well, we should find out tonight. The Bengals are a notoriously bad primetime team — the Bengals put up 3 points in this exact game last year. it’s time for Dalton and the Bengals to shut me and the doubters up this week. So Who Dey? We’ll see.

3rd Down

Ice up Son

One of the grittiest, toughest and best players of my lifetime deserves better than that ending. I truly hope Steve Smith decides to come back next year, comes back with a real competitor and gets a ring, and then rides off into the sunset on his way to Canton. Ice up Son.

4th Down

Here’s to you Mr. Hamilton

We will soon find out if Pep was the issue or a cog in the broken Colt’s machine. You all know by now my feeling about how this Colts team was constructed. I also think Pagano isn’t a good NFL Coach. And I think Hamilton’s offense was archaic. But was that all his doing or the system? If you see Luck dropping back in 7 step drops against the dominant Broncos pass rush on Sunday, waiting for Hilton to get up on the safeties, then Hamilton was just a scape goat. If the Colts come out in the shot gun, taking two step drops, getting the ball out, and not worrying about “balance”, then Pep deserved to be fired.

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