Week 8 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

Time now for our Week 8 NFL Picks!

Week 8 Games

Week 8 Games

Ha Kung Wong’s Picks

Week 8 Picks - HKW

Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

As I mention every week, copy my picks and you can thank me later.  After Week 7, I’m still in the lead with 67-38 for the season.  At 64% accuracy, my picks are better than 81 of the 136 so-called experts out there.  So if you like winning, I think I can help.

Perhaps the most interesting of my picks is that I’m going against the grain in the Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos game.

Peyton Manning - Getty Images

Peyton Manning – Getty Images

It’s clear that Peyton Manning is no longer Peyton Manning, as he finds himself in the unfamiliar situation of having more interceptions than touchdowns so far this season, but the Denver Broncos defense has completely taken over as one of the top defenses in the league, allowing the least amount of yards per game to opposing offenses (281.3).  I think bye weeks generally favor defenses, while short weeks (such as going from a Monday night game to a Thursday night game) generally favor offenses, which means to me that the Broncos had the most to gain coming off a bye.  In a home game, I think Peyton manages to right the offensive ship and both Ronnie Hillman and CJ Anderson find a way to get the ground game going.

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb & James Jones

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb & James Jones

The Packers passing attack has been solid even with a revolving door of WRs including Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery and even Jeff Janis.  But the ground has been so far dominated by backup RB, James Starks.  After breaking out before the bye, his status is now uncertain due to injury and it’s Eddie Lacy who appears to be the healthy one.  He’s started slow before so I expect him to pick it up now that he’s healthy and will have the majority of snaps in the upcoming week.

Some may point to the Broncos narrow overtime win against the not-so-good Cleveland Browns before the bye as an example of how they’re overrated, but the Packers had the same issue, scooting by a not-so-good San Diego Chargers team by a single score (a Chargers team, by the way, that got blown out of the water by Derek Carr and the not-so-good Oakland Raiders).  The really interesting stat is that, contrary to what you might think, the Broncos this season actually have MORE passing yards per game (240.8) than the Packers (236.8).  The Broncos will likely never be a high flying offense again, but I think they’re able to contain the Packers and sneak away maintaining their perfect record.

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Scott King’s Picks

Scotts Week 8 PicksScott’s Thoughts:

Looks like I’m going heavy in the home teams this week. With the Detroit Lions firing Lombardi I’m taking another swing with them this week. The game is in London and they’ve had some success there. The only other winnable game on their schedule the rest of the season is home against the Oakland Raiders. At this point the lions are looking at a top 5 draft pick. They won’t go QB so they’ll need to look at both offensive and defensive lines. Too early for draft projections?

Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford

Joanne Kong’s Picks

Screenshot (8)

Joanne’s Thoughts:

Arizona Cardinals (5-2) @ Cleveland Browns (2-5)

Why the Cardinals will win.

The Cardinals are at the top of their division with a 5-2 record.  Carlson Palmer has thrown for 2012 yards and 16 TDs.  And although Palmer has had his up’s and down’s throughout the season, the Cardinals are an overall better team.  Chris Johnson is in good form, helping move the ball.  Although, Larry Fitzgerald has been the number one receiver, Palmer has shown faith in all the Cardinals receivers, having six receivers on the team score one or more touchdowns.

Carson Palmer & Chris Johnson

Carson Palmer & Chris Johnson

Josh McCown looks likely to be in Sunday’s game, but he’s still suffering from a right shoulder injury so it’s unlikely that McCown will be very effective.  After some close overtime games, the Browns suffered a devastating loss to the St. Louis Rams in week 7.  With McCown at less than 100%, the Browns yet to fully utilize their run game and with a receiving core that is only as good as their quarterback, it’s hard to predict a win for the Browns.  Gary Barnidge and Travis Benjamin have been two major contributors to the team, and the Cardinals are well aware of the fact.

New York Giants (4-3) @ New Orleans Saints (3-4)

Why the Giants will win. 

The New York Giants narrowly stand first place in the NFC East with the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles nipping at their heels.  It’s a win situation if the Giants want to remain on top of their division, which they do.

Eli Manning

Eli Manning

Eli Manning has been less than perfect during this season.  The story isn’t uncommon with this Manning brother, but he tends to get the job done.  The Giants’ most dynamic player, Odell Beckham Jr, will most likely be heavily covered, but luckily Manning has other resources.   But, it’s not the offense the Saints will have to worry about.  The Giants defense is tied for second with 11 interceptions, behind the Arizona Cardinals, and lead the league in total tackles.

The New Orleans Saints have resurrected themselves from the ashes, wining their last two games.  Drew Brees has found new confidence with his offensive players that has been lacking since the beginning of the season.  Unfortunately, a week 7 win against the Indianapolis Colts was primarily due to Andrew Luck’s inabilities rather than the Saints capability.  Not to take away credit where credit is due, though, as the Saints intentionally played a run heavy game against the Colts, and it worked, taking the pressure off Brees, which was needed.

Brees will have a difficult time with the Giants defense, ultimately losing at home.

John Kirkland’s Picks

Joey Alibro’s Picks

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Jason Johnson’s Picks

Week 8 Picks - JJ

Ryan Whitfield’s Picks

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