Week 3 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

Week 3 Games

Week 3 Games
Ha Kung Wong’s Picks

Week 3 - HKW

Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

Being a Bears fan sure is tough nowadays.  With Jay Cutler most likely out, Alshon Jeffery unlikely to go, and Kevin White continuing to ride the sidelines in rehab, there’s not a lot left to root for in Chicago.  Sure, the Seattle Seahawks are also 0-2, losing to the St. Louis Rams and Green Bay Packers, but let’s be honest, with Kam Chancellor coming back and Marshawn Lynch ready to prove he’s more than he’s shown so far, the Seahawks being 2 TD favorites might not be generous enough.

The most interesting games for me this week are the Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans.

Both the Bills and Dolphins appeared to be on the cusp of something great before both losing in week 2.  With Matt Cassel getting traded to the Dallas Cowboys, the Bills are apparently all in on Tyrod Taylor, and for good reason.  Sure, he had 3 INTs in week 2, but he also had 3 TDs and provides a spark to a previously directionless Bills offense not seen since, perhaps, Doug Flutie.  Ryan Tannehill also looks as advertised putting up 359 yards and 2 TDs for the Dolphins in week 2.  Most importantly, Tannehill has 0 INTs in his first two games of the season.  The big question will be whether the Dolphins Defense can rebound from a surprising loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I think the Bills will be the big surprise in Miami this week.

And what can you say about Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts?  Maybe Luck needs some of his own lucky beard because he’s sure not catching any breaks on the football field.  Luck has already thrown 5 INTs this season versus 3 TDs, and just doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket.  Part of the reason might be the number of blitzes the New York Jets dialed up in week 2, but even when not blitzed, he just seems generally out of sync with his receivers.  And Frank Gore causing his own fumble in the redzone was a complete game killer.  I just can’t believe that Luck (or Gore) will be this bad for long, so my money is on the Colts getting it together to beat the Tennessee Titans.

Scott King’s Picks

Week 3 Picks - Scott

Scott’s Thoughts:

Really tough week for picks this week. Week 2 proved that anything is possible in the NFL. I don’t know much except the Lions are terrible and the Eagles can’t block anything.  We need some clarity this week and I think we’ll get it.

Joanne Kong’s Picks

Week 3 - JHK

Joanne’s Thoughts:

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants

In 2014, the Giants started the season 0-2, winning week 3 at MetLife Stadium against the Houston Texans 30-17.  Previous to 2014, the Giants started the season 0-2 in 2007, winning in week 3 against the Washington Redskins at FedEx field.  That season, the Giants finished 3rd in their division but qualified as a wildcard seed for the playoffs.  After defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, the Giants went to defeat the 18-0 New England Patriots to win Superbowl XLII.

Don’t despair Giants fans.  There’s are a lot more season to go.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets

Going into week 3, the Philadelphia Eagles are 0-2 and the New York Jets are 2-0.
The Jets had no trouble winning week 1 against the Cleveland Browns.  What was thought to be a shoot out in week 2 against the Indianapolis Colts turned out to be a cakewalk.  The Eagles have been struggling this season on offense and defense.

The best transaction for the Jets in the 2015 offseason might have been hiring head coach Todd Bowles.

A win for the Jets in week 3 looks good for a 3-0 start to the season.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

The Bills loss to the New England Patriots in week 2 was expected.  The Dolphins loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 2 was not.

Both teams go into week 3 with a 1-1 record.  Week 3 is an AFC East division game and both teams seek to contend for spots in the playoffs.  Both offenses looked a little out of sync in week 3, but neither team is far from done.   Both teams have significant contributors on offense and defense that should make this game fun to watch.  Don’t be surprised if the score is high, the fumbles and interceptions plenty and the game is close.

But my inexplicable love for the Dolphins have me rooting for the home team in week 3.

John Kirkland’s Picks


Joey Alibro’s Picks

Jason Johnson’s Picks

Week 3 - JJ

Ryan Whitfield’s Picks

Ryan’s Thoughts:

Well as long as you’re on top, you might as well take the credit, right? And as the only staff member here above .500, rocking an 18-13 lead, I’m pretty confident that you should be listening to me.

So! Some key points for this week:

  • Giants get off of the bench and get one at home against the Redskins.
  • The Patriots continue their Scorched Earth 15 trip by decimating the Jags in Foxborough.
  • The Eagles….still don’t get it together. Murray is a bad fit there (and came up lame on a hamstring this week), and the Jets Defense is for real. Watching Revis makes me sick. Jets by ten and the Eagles score the lowest point total this week.
  • Seattle rides the high of The Chancellor’s return, even if he doesn’t play, Denver gets their first L out in the Motor City and the Colts fall to a dreaded 0-3 as Mariota gets back on track at home.

Disagree with any takes this week? Well, you’re wrong.

I’m smelling a nice 12-4 week over here. It’s pretty hard to be wrong when you live just 3 exits down 495 from the epicenter of the Football World (Gillette Stadium).

Pat the Patriot

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