Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

Been a busy few weeks and opening night is getting close. These next two weeks are sure to crawl by as we all wait for the best time of the year to get here. In the meantime here’s this weeks 4 hot takes.

1st Down

It’s really sad to see all these great guys going down for the season already. Jordy, Kevin White, Benjamin and so on. It’s completely unavoidable, and carries a huge impact. The Packers now have zero chance to contend for a championship in my mind. No disrespect to anyone else out there but you just took away Rodgers number one target…can’t imagine overcoming that.

2nd Down

If you drafted Randall Cobb, nice work.  If you have a draft coming up, you better draft him. Few people’s stock will rise more than his just did. Also don’t be afraid to take a late round flier on Devin Funchess in Carolina.

3rd Down

This weeks bold prediction – Frank Gore runs for less than 800 yards and 6 TD’s in Indy this year.


4th Down

Now on To AFC projections.

  • AFC East The Patriots. Still one of the worst QB divisions in football, clearly still dysfunction in New Jersey, and the Pats are still too dominant.
  • AFC North The Ravens. I like the off season they had, I like the addition of Perriman, and I like Steve Smith leaving it all out on the field in his final season. They’ll beat Pittsburgh out by a game.

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