Rumor Roundup with Joey Alibro

By Joey Alibro

Twitter: @joeyalibro

Dez Bryant’s and Demaryius Thomas’ Contracts

With the franchise tag deadline looming, both the Broncos and Cowboys were able to reach long term agreements with their star receivers. It was reported that the agents of Thomas and Bryant legally colluded to set their price at a whopping total of $70 million over the next five years. After Bryant threatened to miss training camp as well as games if a long term deal didn’t get done, the Cowboys finally broke down and gave Dez the money deserved. Whether or not the threat was legitimate is up for debate, but it wasn’t a risk the Cowboys were going to take. All in all, both teams and players are definitely satisfied with the way things turned out in the end.

Former Giants 1st Round Pick Faces Decades in Prison

Will Allen, the Giants first round pick in 2001, was arrested in June for an elaborate Ponzi scheme that scammed people of millions of dollars. The former safety and his associate, Susan Daub, formed a company called Capital Financial Partners Enterprises that sold themselves as a loan service for pro athletes during the offseason. The pair was indicted on several counts including wire fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. Allen, who never really lived up to his first round hype, also played for the Dolphins and Patriots during his NFL career.

Veteran Free Agents Drawing Interest

With training camp approaching, older players like Reggie Wayne and Chris Johnson are still confident in their ability to play, and, apparently, so are some teams. Wayne, who had 64 catches for 800 yards last year from the Colts, is drawing significant interest from around the league. Johnson, who survived a drive by shooting back in March, is in an entirely different situation. Because he’s still healing from a gunshot wound in his shoulder, teams are being cautious with him and may take a little longer to end up somewhere. Jason la Canfora reported that CJ2K was back up to 200 pounds and is working out. Hopefully, these two veterans produce this year for whoever they may end up with.