Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1st Down


Michael Florio’s article last night cited that some influential owners are urging Goodell to uphold Brady’s suspension. This thing has gotten ridiculous. It’s become all about putting the Patriots in their place, over punishing and sending a message. These owners should shut up, and Goodell should handle this thing like a man. But as we know, he has no spine and will continue to placate the public and the owners.

2nd Down

It’s been a down couple of years for the Steelers, well by their standards, but I think they’re poised for a division title and a trip back to the AFC Title game this year. So extending Tomlin was the right move that will create stability and continue to keep them a contender year in and year out.

3rd Down

Fantasy Sleeper of the week –Β Ameer Abdulah. Abdulah has a lot of upside, he’s going Average Draft Position of around 80-100 in most my mock drafts and I promise he’ll be the Lions full time back by Week 5.

4th Down

Playoff Predictions – This week we’re doing the NFC West and the NFC North.

  • NFC North – Green Bay Packers. Pretty standard, best team in the division, best QB in the game and one of the best teams in the conference. Green Bay finishes 13-3 and the division is in hand by 2-3 games.
  • NFC West – I’m going out on a ledge here, and saying Arizona Cardinals. Bruce Arians is one of my favorite coaches in the game, Carson Palmer will finally stay healthy, the defense will still be competitive minus Cromartie and I see David Johnson emerging out of the backfield as a legit number one back by mid season. And hey, there’s two contract situations with Bennett and Wilson out in Seattle, Maxwell is gone and eventually you have to lose the division, unless you are the Patriots. Cardinals 12-4 and eek out Seattle in a tie breaker.

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  • I don’t know about Ameer Abdulah…you think he is their #1 by week 5?!?! Hopefully your forecasting skills net you championships in your fantasy league

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