Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

Hope everyone’s having a great week. This is the second installment of Four Down Territory, and this week I’m talking Football Documentaries, NFL Network’s Top 100 List, making a bold prediction, and of course I have to comment on JPP’s colossal *bleep* up. Enjoy, and leave comments to argue with me.

1st Down

NFL Top 100 Countdown – Top 10:

First and foremost, how is Gronkowski only #10…Just can’t get on board with that. And I’m sorry but Watt is top ten but I’m not putting a DE at number 1. Top ten yes, but not number 1.

2nd Down

JPP…you have to be kidding me. He just couldn’t use fireworks safely. 60 Mil contract off of the table and now an amputated finger. Some guys just don’t get it.

3rd Down

If you have not watched the documentaries on the Boz and Happy Valley yet you are missing out. I finally got around to watching both and both are great stories on the love of the game and the dark side of the game. Must-see’s for real fans.

4th Down

Here’s my bold prediction….RGIII returns as a top 8 quarterback with his second year under Jay Gruden. I have to believe that this golden boy has finally been humbled, and he just has too much talent to be bad again. RGIII returns to his rookie year form, put in the books.

Can’t wait for August to have more to talk about, but for now I’ll keep digging!

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