AFC East 2015 Preview and Predictions

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

AFC_Logo AFC East

Projected Standings

  1. New England Patriots (12-4)
  2. New York Jets (11-5)
  3. Buffalo Bills (9-7)
  4. Miami Dolphins (9-7)

New England PatriotsPatriots

Yes, I know Brady will miss games whether it stays at 4 goes down to 2 or even 1. Lets not speculate, and for the sake of as things stand now we’ll say 4 games. Sorry, Patriots still go 3-1 in that Stretch with Jimmy Garopollo. And trust me, I’m well aware of how this secondary looks right now. But that front 7 is strongly improved. Mayo’s back along with Easley, you mix in Malcolm Brown and Sheard, and you have a lot of depth. Just imagine had Spikes not hit a “deer”. If Bill can improve Butler and and restore Fletcher to the guy he once was and this team is contending yet again. Also watch out for second year James White and newly acquired Travaris  Cadet to compete for Vereen’s old job. This is a light prediction by the way, since the last time they were in a controversy (albeit self-imposed) they rallied of 18 straight wins. A healthy Gronkowski mixed with Scott Chandler will also give the offense even more versatility.

New York JetsJets

It pains me to say it. It hurts every part of my body, almost as much as when I had to admit I’d missed Jeter. I hate the Jets, but I can’t fathom how you are all sleeping on this playoff team. I KNOW THAT GENO IS THE QUARTERBACK. But who CARES? Revis and Cromartie are back. They added Leonard Williams, a pick that I hated until they snuck the best deep threat in the draft in the second round with Devin Smith. Then they take a flyer on Ridley who has big play potential. They will have a dominating defense and then on offense they have Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Devin Smith and TE Jace Amaro. You just watch what Amaro does this year getting to hide as the fourth option. Lastly, there’s Todd Bowles, a great defensive mind and a guy who is bound to be a great coach in this league. Jets go 11-5 and they will beat New England in the Meadowlands this year on their way back to the playoffs.


A lot to like with the Buffalo Bills right now. Great defense with one of the best defensive coaches in the game. Exercised the 5th year option on Gilmore and made a great pick with Ronald Darby. On offense they bring in LeSean McCoy, Percy Harvin and Charles Clay. They’ve brought in depth on both the offensive and defensive lines and Rex brought along John Conner for that attitude. I think Sammy Watkins is a future Hall of Fame receiver but the Bills still aren’t there. They don’t have the third WR that makes you say it doesn’t matter who’s behind center (the way I feel about New York), and honestly I’d take Geno or Fitzpatrick over Manuel or Cassel every time. They will take down all three divisional opponents at home this year but in the end they won’t have enough for a playoff run.

Miami DolphinDolphins

God am I sick of this team. I’m sick of the hype, that over excitement and the unrealistic expectations. This wide receiving core reminds me of the Boston Bruins 2014-2015 season, a whole lot of depth but no high end talent. I think Stills, Parker and Landry all make great WR2’s. But there’s no number one in this group. I’ve always thought Tannehill is overrated and now he get’s an extension…that’s your bed to lie in, Miami. Tannehill pads stats against bad teams and disappears against good ones – the definition of mediocre. Name me one big throw, one big drive or one big win he’s ever had. The best you got is the Week 1 comeback win against the Patriots last year. Nothing like being the September king. And yes they got Suh, but it’s a passing league. The Lions have had a better QB, better WR’s (including one of the best playing) and a comparable defense. How many deep playoff runs have they been in? Please. Miami will be 9-7 and golfing when it counts again. Marino ain’t walking through that door folks.

All in all it’s the return of relevance for the AFC East this year, but the “King” has not fallen.

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