EDITORIAL: Ryan Whitfield to Michael Silver – Time for a DeflateGate Debate!

Disclaimer: This article contains the opinions of writer Ryan Whitfield and not those of FootballGarbageTime.com.


Last week while preparing my last article on DeflateGate, I ended up posting a string of tweets on the notion that Brady was soon to be suspended. I was prompted by several tweets from one Michael Silver and during my “rant” tweeted at him several times.

I did not swear, threaten, troll or really even name call (aside from blowhard, hardly an aggressive term). I was commenting on points he made, and on the scenario. We here at FGT are small and growing, but we are football writers no less. So what was Silver’s response? He blocked me. What a child.

Silver likes to stir the spot on Twitter but clearly couldn’t take a little action. I reiterate that I was not trolling or aggressive, I only tweeted at him three times and he had to block me. The big bad national writer Mike Silver is apparently on twitter to talk crap, talk to his peers and to not interact with fans of the game if they disagree with him. Sorry to not just sit here and be spoon fed whatever thoughts pop into your mind, Silver.

This most likely won’t reach him but let this be said. I’ll go pound for pound with him, word for word, and wit for wit anytime or place. So if this does reach him, lets do it. DeflateGate debate, me and you and let the world decide.

Or, you can continue to crack your jokes on twitter and rest on the laurels of the writer you once were.

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

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