Star Wars is Great, But Who Should the Oakland Raiders Draft in the First Round of the NFL Draft?

Everyone has probably watched the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie a hundred times now.  And if now, what are you waiting for?  Watch it right now!

OK, now that you got that out of your system, the question is why are we so excited about this?  I mean, we had a set of prequels which were somewhat passable, but nowhere near as great as the original trilogy.  The answer, I believe is hope.

Raiders Super Bowl ring - Oakland Raiders DraftIn particular, hope that we’re getting back to what made Star Wars awesome.  In line with the remade title for the original Star Wars movie, “A New Hope”, every football season brings back the nostalgia of successful years past.  For the Oakland Raiders, you almost have to go back to the time of the original Star Wars movie to remember the good times, as we have to look back over 30 years to 1983 as the last time the Raiders won the Super Bowl.  And that was in the tail end of what looked to be a dynasty, as the Raiders also won the Super Bowl in 1976 and 1980.  But then there was a draught followed by, well, what passes for a football team in Oakland today.

But let’s not be too harsh, as we agree that Derek Carr has potential to be a franchise quarterback for the Raiders, and the acquisition of Michael Crabtree gives that receiving corp some legitimacy.  With the breakout Latavius Murray in the backfield, perhaps 2015 is the year that the Raiders get their nostalgic groove back.  But before we get carried away, we need to look at the draft, because at the 4th overall pick, the Raiders have the chance to pick a premier player to build the future around, or, well, pick another JaMarcus Russell.

So without further to do, here’s who I think the Raiders should pick at 4th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

1) Amari Cooper or Kevin White – WR

This is a no brainer, in my opinion, and I’ve been saying this for months.  Pick Amari Cooper.  And if he’s not there, then Kevin White.  Yeah, I know that the Raiders had some bad luck with Darrius Heyward-Bey at 7th overall in 2009, but that’s history.  I discussed Cooper and White as potential picks for the Chicago Bears at 7, and all those reason apply to the Raiders twofold.  Don’t over think this.  Both are immediate starters that can give Carr the support he needs to reach his potential.

2) Leonard Williams – DE
Leonard Williams - LA Times Photo - Oakland Raiders Draft

Leonard Williams – LA Times Photo

He’s a beast.  More so than Beastmode himself.  Not only is he dominant in pass rush and stopping the run, but he’s incredibly versatile and has played all across the defensive line.  He’s a whopping 6′ 5″ 300 pound nightmare that amassed an incredible 218 tackles (36.5 for a loss) and 21 sacks in just three years.  And to put the icing on top, he even added 2 interceptions and 5 forced fumbles to his resume.

Pairing him with Khalil Mack will create a frightening duo that the Raiders could build a defense around for years to come. And as a bonus, Williams is also artistic as some of his artwork was displayed at the 2013 and 2014 “Artletics” exhibits at USC.  How’s that for a double threat?

3) Shane Ray – DE

Need someone else that can be paired with Mack to create an unstoppable pass rush?  Shane Ray is your man.  Again, I discussed Ray as a possible pick for the Bears, so clearly I really like him.  I’d be surprised if Cooper, White and Williams are off the board by 4, since we all know that Jameis Winston will go first overall to the Buccaneers.  And if he doesn’t he’ll certainly go second to whoever wants to mortgage their future to the Titans.  But just in case absolute craziness ensues, Ray is a viable alternative.

UPDATE: Shane Ray arrested for marijuana possession.  This will make him slip in the draft for sure.

Pretty straightforward, Raiders fans.  Hope you approve.

I’m sure Han Solo would approve.

Han Solo Smiling


By Ha Kung Wong

Twitter: @FBGarbageTime

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