2015 NFL Draft Scenarios – Picks 1 & 2

With only 27 days until the big day in the Windy City, let’s start looking at possible picks and trades that might happen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers1)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Scenario 1: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida St.

This pick is basically already in the hands of commissioner Goodell if Lovie’s love fest for Jameis continues. Admittedly, I might be right there next to Lovie serenading Winston. His outstanding football IQ, pocket presence and pro-readiness is why I have him leaps and bounds past Mariota. Despite concerns about his interception total last season, the 2013 Heisman Winner is still the only QB in this draft who is not only ready to start day 1 but also do a damn good job doing it.

Scenario 2: The Buccaneers organization dissolves due to rioting and mass panic after they pass on Winston.

Tennessee Titans2)  Tennessee Titans

Scenario 1: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

As much as I bash on the guy, under the right guidance Mariota could develop into a good quarterback and team leader for the Titans in the coming years. If Tennessee can make the most of his athleticism and strong arm by putting more weapons around him, they could be looking at a franchise cornerstone. Do I think they should start him right out of the gates? No. We’re talking about a guy who hasn’t called plays since high school, and the offense he ran at Oregon makes him even less pro-ready. Give the kid some time to learn and progress and whoever drafts him might be getting something special.

Scenario 2: The Titans trade the no. 2 overall pick to the Eagles for:

  • 20th Pick in the 2015 Draft
  • Sam Bradford
  • 2016 1st round pick

and the Eagles select Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

After a whirlwind of free agency moves, Chip & Co. make another huge splash. This one being a match made in heaven. Philly’s offense is perfect for Mariota, and besides that, they have a plethora of offensive talent that he can rely on including the three headed monster of Murray, Matthews, and Sproles. If this goes down, then Mariota should definitely start day one since concerns regarding play calling and offensive scheme all vanish under his former college coach.  For Tennessee, they get a proven starter in Bradford and a first round pick next year that should help speed up their rebuild.  Like the RG3 trade, this will be talked about for a long time no matter the future outcome.

Stay tuned for every pick leading up to primetime in Chicago on April 30.

By Joey Alibro