Jameis Winston or the Kardasians: The Better of Two Evils?

What do the Kardashians have in common with Jameis Winston?  Perhaps more than you think.

They Make Millions

The Kardashians recently signed a $100 million dollar 4-year deal after threatening to leave the E! network.

If Jameis Winston is selected #1 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2015 NFL Draft, he stands to make at least $22 million for a 4-year contract.

If you do the math, Winston will have the entire sum to himself while the Kardashians have to share the $100 million among themselves.  Not that it matters, since the combined wealth of the Kardashians total close to a billion dollars.

They are “Role Models” and They Shouldn’t Be

Kylie Jenner was leaving her nail appointment when she was caught by fans.

Winston has received a lot of acclaim within the football community.  His performance at the results of the Combine has projected Winston as the #1 draft pick.  He’s already a role model from his time winning the Heisman and the National Championship at FSU.  But as a potential NFL star quarterback for the Buccaneers, kids across the nation will look up to him and hope to be like him.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

They Have Good Arm Strength

It’s not easy being a Kardashian.  It’s harder being on the receiving end of a slap by a Kardashian.

In 10th grade, Winston was throwing 70 yards through the air.  In college, he was throwing balls over frat houses.  And we’ve all seen what he can do on the field.

Okay, it’s not the same.  But, both got a reaction.

They Know How to Make a Headline

You can’t turn on the television, go on social media or open a tabloid without seeing a Kardashian.  Whether their naked, getting married, getting divorced, or instagraming pictures of their butt in a thong.  They’re always there like a bad dream (or a good one depending on your perspective). After all, they’re the family we love to hate.

Unfortunately, Jameis Winston isn’t as entertaining.  His headlines include stealing crab legs, screaming profanity at the student union and being accused of rape.

They Had a Sex Scandal

Kim Kardashian leaked her own sex tape as a publicity stunt.  It’s still infamous today.

Jameis Winston doesn’t have a sex tape (that would have been really stupid), but he was involved in a sex scandal (sort of).

If Winston thought his stock rose after the combine, its about to drop (maybe).

On December 7, 2012, a female FSU student filed rape charges against Winston at the Tallahassee Police Department.

The police investigation took 363 days, which has been criticized.

According to an article by the NY Times, in Tallahassee, the FSU Seminoles are more than just a University.  It’s a sense of identity and a source of economic wealth.  The Seminoles 2013 championship season generated millions of dollars for the athletic department and city businesses.  During home games, Tallahassee Police Officers worked security and make a nice sum of extra cash.

It wouldn’t be shocking to know that police officer Scott Angulo told the attorney for the accuser that Tallahassee was a big football town and her client would be “raked over the coals” if she pursued the case.

I wonder if officer Angulo would have said the same thing and conducted the investigation in same manner if his daughter or sister was involved.

The Tallahassee Police Department insist that the investigation was handled properly.  And Officer Angulo wrote on the report that the accuser was uncooperative, which she denies.

Ultimately, Winston was never charged.

AP Photo

AP Photo

A FSU committee code-of-conduct hearing was eventually held after Winston’s 2014 regular season.  The retired Florida Supreme Court Judge cleared Winston, citing insufficient evidence and allowed Winston to play in the January 1, 2015 Rose Bowl.

In January 2015, the alleged victim filed a federal lawsuit accusing Florida State University of violating her Title IX rights (gender equality law that requires colleges and universities receiving federal funds to conduct prompt and thorough investigations of sexual assault).

But just when Winston thought it was behind him, it’s suddenly time to hear her “side”.

A new documentary film called “the Hunting Ground,” is an exposé on sexual assaults on college campuses, not just Jameis Winston, which opened in theaters in NYC and LA just yesterday (Friday, February 27).  The alleged rape victim is compelling and sympathetic (two adjectives you wouldn’t use to describe Winston) as she tells her account of being beneath Winston on the bathroom floor, repeatedly telling him “no” before being physically overpowered.

Lovie Smith has went on record saying he’s OK with where Winston is now.  But public opinion is harsh and after increased scrutiny of the NFL due to a season of scandals, it would be hard to root for an alleged rapist.  Other teams in the past have overlooked off-field shenanigans for a winning season (which Winston has promised).  For example, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.  Oh that’s right, he placed himself into a rehabilitation treatment facility after a flopping in two starts during his rookie season.

Gamedayr.com Photo

Johnny Manziel – Gamedayr.com Photo

And now you know what the Kardashians have in common with Jameis Winston.  Which do you like better?

By Joanne Kong

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