Who is That Guy? Bet You Can’t ID Players! – Part 1

After watching part of the AP NFL Awards at the NFL Honors in Arizona, I realized how few players I recognized when they didn’t have their names plastered on their back.  So I started thinking, how many players could you identify out of uniform?

Well, lets play “Identify the Player”!

(Play intro music in your head)

Are you good with names?

What about faces?

Can you correctly identify these athletes out of uniform?  Now don’t cheat!  That’s no fun!

1)                                                                                   2) 

Rodgers 1                                                           Peyton 2

3)                                                                                   4)

Forte - 3                                                              4- picture

5)                                                                                   6)

5 PICTURE                                                          6 picture

7)                                                                                   8)

7 picture                                                          8 picture

9)                                                                                   10)

9 picture                                                          10 picture




Ready for the answers?



1) Aaron Rodgers; 2) Payton Manning; 3) Matt Forte; 4) Fred Jackson; 5) Jordy Nelson; 6) Jason Witten; 7) Julius Thomas; 8) Dennis Pitta; 9) Vernon Davis; 10) TJ Dillashaw

If you guessed (10) was some football player, you were obviously wrong.  He’s actually a UFC bantam weight champion fighter.  If you guessed this athlete correctly…all I can say is that you watch too much sports, but GOLD STAR for you.

And yes, (11) is Cookie Monster.  If you guessed anything but Cookie Monster, you obviously had a bad childhood.  Or hate cookies.  Or blue monsters.

How many did you get right?  They’re not so easy to identify without their name and number on their backs, are they?  At least for normal people.  Clearly, if you got all 10 correct, you’re not actually human.  You’re a cyborg created by Google.

Until next time…

By Joanne Kong

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