SB Media Day: What We Found Out About the Seahawks…- Everyone Other Than Marshawn Lynch

Micheal Bennett with his fedora was second only to Marshawn Lynch on Media Day. When asked about the police bicycle he rode after the NFC Championship game, he jokingly stated:

“black people can’t steal anything from the police…bad things happen…so I borrowed it, that’s the story I’m sticking to.”

We learned he’s bi-lingual, showing off his Spanish (if you call it that). He’s a terrible singer – singing “Roar” by Katy Perry, stating:

“Katie doesn’t do it for me. I’m more of a Beyonce ‘Drunk in Love’ type of guy.”

After given a ball, he confirmed what the rest of us already knew, “I’m not paid to test balls.” And last but not least, he’s NOT HAVING SEX until after the game. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfeld already tested what happened when people didn’t have sex…men get smarter while woman get dumber.  Well played Mr. Bennett.

Seinfeld. Elaine. Tires. Yay!

Russell Wilson began with a shout out to Pete Carroll. “Its not about race” Russell Wilson said – as he thanked Carroll for giving African American QB’s a chance – yeah, I think it’s about race.  But perhaps Russell forgot about all the amazing African American quarterbacks that came before him, oh, say, like Kordell ‘Slash’ Stewart, Daunte Culpepper, Randell Cunningham, Steve ‘Air’ McNair (who shared league MVP honors with Payton Manning in 2003), Doug Williams (who beat the legendary John Elway to win Super Bowl XXII and be named Super Bowl MVP), and Warren Moon (the Hall of Famer who is one of the top ten QBs of all time) – so maybe it’s not about race and more about Wilson’s ego and lack of history knowledge.

We also learned Russell is not superstitious, loves fans, hates New York in January, loves GOD and WANTS to WIN (I’m certain the Patriots also love their fans, hate NY in January – and in fact throughout the year, particularly during Super Bowls, love GOD and want to WIN). Russell dedicated the game to his parents (very sweet), plugged the Microsoft Surface Pro (why not, he gets paid a lot to love the Surface Pro), likes to take selfies (and has one of those annoying selfie sticks) and loves dancing (and, in fact, showed off his salsa skills on the podium). Last but not least, he believes BEARDS are important to winning the Super Bowl.

Richard Sherman stated that the Seahawks are focused on the game, but not taking it too seriously. When asked what he’d like to do this year that he didn’t get to do last year…Sherman responded by saying…go swimming, something he wasn’t able to do in the cold Northeast. His ritual on game day consists of listening to music and eating candy — and not eating Beer and Cheese with Beef and Bacon Chunky Soup.

Mama's Boy Ad Shoot

Doug Baldwin stated he best relates to the “Game of Thrones” Mother of Dragons, Daenearys Targaryen. I didn’t know Doug Baldwin walked out of a fire with three dragons in his arms. Watch out Patriots…you might have Revis, but the Seahawks have dragons.

Dragon Daenerys

Pete Carroll – what can I say (Warning: hate alert — Editor)…he “allegedly” deserted his USC team avoiding the consequences. He’s noted as being a great contributor to his community…probably to ease his conscious. I guess Carroll believes in buying his way into the afterlife. He should try being a decent human being instead. What we learned about Pete Carroll during media day…they called Carroll’s demeanor ‘enthusiasm’…I call it rehearsed ‘BS’. Hate much? Yeah, you can say that.

What we learned about the Seahawks in general…

Kam Chancellor is a sweetheart.

Seahawks players love to salsa.

Seahawks teammates and fans alike love Marshawn Lynch.

Peace out.

By Joanne Kong

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