SB MEDIA DAY: What we found out about the Patriots… – Tom Brady

What did we learn from the Patriots on Super Bowl Media Day?  Well here’s what we found out about Tom Brady in a convenient summary exclusively from Football Garbage Time!

The facts: Tom Brady has been with the New England Patriots for 15 years. Tom has had 20 postseason starts. This will be Tom Brady’s 6th Super Bowl. Super Bowl 39 was Tom’s last victory – winning 3, losing 2.

And here’s what we learned…

1. Tom loves to make an entrance – it’s “in” to be fashionably late on Media Day.

2. Giselle forgot to pack Tom a comb.

3. Tom Brady thanked the media saying he “can’t do his job without them”…of course, who else would cover his “awesomeness”.

4. Question about his home life – in short, Giselle is at home with the kids and will join him on the weekend.

5. Praised the Seahawks’ defense – of course he did, everyone and their little sister has told him how good the Seahawks’ defense is. (Like he didn’t know. They lost to the Seahawks in week 6 of 2012 by a point.) – Lets Bring the Boom.

6. Likes Jay-Z.

7. What he says about Bill Belichick – “He’s the best at what he does…” translation: He’s very “creative”.

8. Favorite gas station snack – anything chocolate (doesn’t Brady know chocolate is bad for dogs).

9. No one can feign humbleness like Tom Brady – he deserves an Oscar.

10. Tom loves the word “Neat”.

More to come on Football Garbage Time…

By Joanne Kong

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