SB MEDIA DAY: What we found out about the Patriots…- Bill Belichick

And now, what we found out about Bill Belichick

1. His Relationship with Tom Brady – they’ve known each other for 15 years and spent 3 days at Pebble Beach last off-season playing golf – translation: They spent 3 days at Pebble Beach finding ways to bend the rules and return to the Super Bowl…guess it worked.

(And in other news, according to them, they were 20 under par for all 3 rounds of golf — there were no other witnesses, but they were quoted as saying “Trust us, 50% of the time we’re telling the truth all the time.”)

2. The only thing Bill packed was Patriot’s hoodies and flip flops – after all, it is Arizona not New England.

3. Bill has a ton of respect for Pete Carroll (of course he does, birds of a feather flock — are “creative” about the rules — together), stating that, indirectly, he has learned a lot from what Pete does (like being “creative” about the rules (e.g. escaping any type of sanctions for his conduct at USC by taking the job with the Seahawks) and how to escape defaming press conferences (like deflategate).

4. He has a great comb over.

5. His smile makes him look a little constipated.

6. Bill’s favorite stuffed animal – a monkey that he can shove his fingers into.  Eek.

7. He’s focused on the Seahawks and the Super Bowl, not “Deflategate”.

8. He’s a fashionista – or at least when it comes to hair.  Fixed by dads.

9. What he likes to do off-season – golfing, fishing, hanging out…scheming…

10. He wants to do the best job that he can on Sunday’s Super Bowl – read between the lines – get ready for some tricky plays, but the balls will be regulation. Bill doesn’t use the same tricks twice.  “Allegedly.  You’re ignorant.” – Hologram Michael Jackson from South Park.  Which was an awesome episode.

Michael Jackson Hologram

By Joanne Kong



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